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A hitchhiker's guide to saving the bees (and the planet)

In Canada and around the world, climate change and habitat loss are creating a crisis for wildlife, including vital pollinators like bees and butterflies. But while the stakes are high, hope is not lost! Researchers are leveraging the power of thousands of everyday people to help understand how climate change and habitat loss cause extinction in species. Join Peter to find out how you can help save the bees and the planet

Peter Soroye is a PhD student at the University of Ottawa, where his research focuses on the effects of climate change and habitat loss on pollinators. He also studies community science (i.e. citizen science) and how these programs can influence the understanding of wildlife across Canada. In his spare time, Peter enjoys participating in science communication activities like Science Slam and Let’s Talk Science, contributing observations to community science programs like iNaturalist and e-Butterfly, and cheering for the reigning NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors.