How stories are told

How stories are told

Your story may be told in images or words. It may flash across a screen, be expressed through the movement of your own body, or be shared through the sound of your voice or the music you play. You might share your story the way you share a meal, honouring the flavours and scents of your traditions, and making them your own with a new twist. Your innovation and invention may be how you build the story of your future. Your story may cross borders and oceans, or it may be something you always keep close to home.

The  Ottawa Public Library will celebrate Canada 150 by exploring Storytelling through a different medium every month.

How to celebrate

You can join the Canada 150 festivities at the Ottawa Public Library by coming to our marquee events, taking part in our encore events, or attending our regular programs geared to the monthly storytelling theme.

Each month, the OPL will offer reading lists of Canadian content for each storytelling format. Branches will feature fun and innovative displays to showcase the OPL’s diverse and broad offering of Canadian titles