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Job Searching Guide

Searching for a job is a full-time job! 

However, many jobs are never advertised.  Statistics vary, but they agree that a large percentage of jobs are found through in-person networking and referrals.  As well, recruiters use social media to search and find potential candidates.   

Gathered below are resources, online and in the Ottawa Public Library collection, to help you understand how to search for a job, and how to prepare yourself. 

Move your job searching beyond a response to job listings to a pro-active search for contacts. 

Explore lists of job searching resources, including books and websites on many topics to help job seekers.   The book titles can be placed on hold with an Ottawa Public Library card and PIN.

Career Planning and Job Searching

  • Job Search Tips
  • Resume, Cover Letter, Job Search Help Assistance
  • Interviewing Skills and Preparation
  • Upgrading Skills

Pro-active Job Searching

  • Directories
  • Government Jobs
  • Researching News on Companies
  • Labour Market Information
  • Temporary Job Agencies, Private Recruitment Agencies
  • Volunteering