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Jobs at OPL

Why Join Us?

We inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people.

  • Community

    Our employees are an active part of our community, reaching beyond our spaces to build relationships that enrich Ottawa. 

  • Inclusion

    Our workplace is welcoming and open to all, and is committed to providing access to spaces, collections, programs, resources, and expertise.

  • Integrity

    Our team embodies the principles of public stewardship, transparency, and accountability in our operations and interactions.

  • Intellectual Freedom

    Our librarians defend the free and open exchange of lawful information and ideas in a democratic society, respecting individual’s rights to privacy and choice.

  • Literacy

    We cultivate the joys of reading, learning, discovering, and creating.

Jobs at OPL

We build community and transform lives.

I love working at OPL because I feel like I make a positive contribution to the community. It warms my heart to see items I have selected for the library checked out and I imagine customers enjoying them. My own life is also immeasurably enriched with stories through the materials we purchase, as well as wonderful programming.

Zoe P. - Librarian



I more than like working at Ottawa Public Library; I love it! Working here has been so good for my heart. When I'm connecting with our customers, it shows me how boundless empathy can be, and that's the optimistic outlook on which I want to view the world. Working here also gives me a sense of purpose. Knowing I'm part of an organization that makes information and other vast resources available for anyone who seeks them is just a great feeling.              

Michele J.  - Customer Service Assistant

I am a Children’s Programs and Public Service Assistant, and I feel so proud and privileged to share my passion for children’s programming in a library setting. I love meeting new people every day and using library resources to meet their individual needs. One of the best parts of my job is the fact that I can help connect people with an awesome new series or piece of media. I love when customers come back to tell me about their newest OPL loan! 

Katherine K. - Children’s Programs and Public Service Assistant 

I believe that learning is one of the most amazing things we do as human beings. It not only gives us the capacity to dream and hope for a brighter future but is also crucial in our never-ending journey for self-knowledge. That is what working at OPL is for me, learning in many ways, from my colleagues, from workshops, training, and, of course, from books. 

Henrique P. - Public Service Assistant



I enjoy working for the Ottawa Public Library because it has allowed me to interact and work with great people who are committed to achieving the same goals of making OPL the best experience for its users. The reason why I applied to work at OPL is because I believe in building communities through learning and I enjoy connecting with people. I wanted to be involved with an organization that cares about its employees and empowers them with opportunities to learn and acquire new skill sets. 

Anthony D. - Public Service Assistant

During a typical shift, my work consists of shelving and retrieving items to fill the holds request, processing the holds for customer pickup, keeping the reading floors tidy and displaying new items on shelf, moving the collections according to the layout plan, and providing more general help. We receive new books almost every day and I can’t wait to display them – my favorite moment is to see a display gone to meet its reader. 

Julie Q. - Page