Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival

Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival

Thank you for attending the 27th Ottawa Children's Storytelling Festival!

If you missed it or want to listen to your favourite storytellers again, check out the Ottawa Public Library's YouTube channel. You can also find many French stories, some interpreted in QSL, on the website of our partner the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE). The stories will remain available for 12 months. See you at the next edition of the festival!

Our Guests of the Week

Alexandre invents stories with children across Canada. He loves stories with unique animals.

Photo of Anna in front of a microphone

Anna Kerz is an accomplished storyteller with a wide repertoire of tales that touch the heart and tickle the funny bone. She will make you giggle, groan or send a shiver up your spine.

Photo of Anthony smiling at the camera

Anthony is a teacher, actor, singer, and writer described as: “a gentle bear of a storyteller!”

Photo of Bernard holding his cat in his arm

Bernard Paquet is an animal-loving storyteller who will take you from reality to an imaginary world filled with adventure and animals. Often his black cat Timoon accompanies him!

Photo of Bethany with sunflowers in the background

Bethany likes to bake cookies, dance with her cat and tell stories that make children laugh, but not all at the same time!

Photo of Camille smiling

Boum, cric, crac, Camille tells a tale without intermission. Get ready to make noises and sounds, because there's never a dull moment with her sweet and spooky stories.

Photo of Catherine outside wearing a tuque and her hair blow by the wind

Catherine lives on the large island of Newfoundland. She’ll take you on a magical journey to places both near and afar. You might meet a giant, eel pout, squid, fairy or a boy named Jack.

Photo of Chantal

Chantal Chagnon is a Cree Ojibwe Métis Singer, Drummer, Artist, Storyteller, Actor, Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Social Justice Advocate and Activist with roots in Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, Saskatchewan. 

Photo of Claude in front of a barn, leaning on a stick

Claude is an experienced storyteller that has told his original stories to over 50,000 children of all ages.

Photo of Daniel outside looking over his shoulder

Abenaki and Dakota by heritage, Senior Town Crier par excellence and the only fully bilingual one in North America, Daniel is a storyteller, actor, MC and former history teacher.

Photo of Diana outside in a forest

Diana is a storyteller, actor, playwright, theatre faculty member of George Brown College. She’s the founder of Red Snow Collective empowering the stories of women and co-founder of Birds of a Feather storytelling collective

Photo of Dolores

With her drum, Dolorès, a franco-anishinaabeh Métis, tells the stories of her culture through the art of her voice.

Photo of Gail

Gail tells stories about SPIDERMAN!! And we're not talking about Peter Parker or Miles Morales. We're talking about THE FIRST Spiderman. His name… ANANSI!

Photo of Heather

Heather is a musical storyteller and singer, songwriter who loves bringing both traditional and personal stories and songs to life with props, homemade instruments, and guitar!

Photo of Jacqui arms crossed

A storyteller, actor, writer, business woman, Jacqui never sits still. She invites you to jump right in and join her story

Photo of Janet holding a small puppet in the shape of a mouse

Janet likes all kinds of furry creatures. She enjoys watching mice scurry, moles crawl, and bunnies hop!

Photo of Jean-Luc

Janlutin collects stories from all over the world and tells them in a joyful way, inviting you to sing along.

Photo of June

June is an accomplished teller who has been telling folktales and personal stories most of her life. June tells stories to audiences large and small, young, and old. Her favorite stories include audience participation and humor.

Photo of Lorraine

Since 2001, Lorraine, a storyteller, has been illustrating French-Canadian culture combined with the environment, all wrapped up in humanism and universality.

Photo of Louise outside posing in front of a lake

Louise's name in her language is “T’se Däna” which means Beaver Woman. Louise is a mother, a grandmother and a StoryKeeper. Louise tells stories of her family.

Photo of Mariella with her granddaughter Mela side by side

10-year-old Mela loves listening to stories and now, loves telling them. Mariella loves to tell stories with her granddaughter. Most of all she enjoys the clapping rhymes and games.

Photo of Rhonda with a big teddy bear

Rhonda is an Indigenous storyteller from Saskatchewan. Rhonda has been a passionate children's entertainer and storyteller for over 35 years.

Photo of Maurice outside

Born on a farm in Mirabel, Maurice wrote his first story at the age of 7, entitled Une vraie peur bleue. He has a little dog named Poupou, who loves apples and who would like Maurice to write him a be continued

Photo of Mireya standing on a stage storytelling for a group of children

Arrived in Montreal in 2004, Mireya brings us the stories of her country, Ecuador. She brings us the character of a storyteller that she always keeps in her memory, the secrets of the Amazon, the mountains and the ocean.

Photo of Myriame

Myriame strolled on several continents in search of this mixture of cultures and dreams of humanity, which she shares with you.

Photo of Nicole in front of a rudder and holding a long sight in her hands

Her years of experience on Canadian Coast Guard ships and in the maritime environment have fueled her fertile imagination. Now retired, Capitaine Bonnefemme writes and tells her own stories. 

Photo of Norman

For many years, penny whistle in hand, Norman has been an entertaining teller of musical, traditional and original tales that delight the eyes and ears.

Photo of Rachel arms crossed

Rachel loves storytelling! She’s the author of four children’s novels, countless articles and stories for grown-ups, and two podcasts: Hintertales and Sticks and Stones and Stories.

Photo of Rob in period costume and decor

Rob Malo, also known as TiBert le Voyageur shares his joy in life through storytelling, comics, juggling and music.

Photo of Robert

For the past 25 years, Robert, the man of a thousand tales, has been giving a future to our past. This true village storyteller brings back to life images trapped in time to the delight of children from 7 to 77 years old.

Photo de Cecile

Cécile, a Micmac Acadian by birth, has been a storyteller for many years. She wants to pass on tales to children and keep the tradition of the old language of her Acadian ancestors alive.

Erica is one of the 2021 participants in the Ottawa Storytelling Mentorship Program. Erica is excited to reacquaint herself with her storytelling roots.