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Distributing Public Information

The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) distributes and posts pamphlets, flyers, newspapers, posters and other free material in accordance with the Library’s mission statement and the Canadian Library Association’s Statement on Intellectual Freedom. We will do our best to meet your needs but branch space and staff time for this free service is limited.

Material that is Acceptable for OPL posting

  • Items of general community interest in the areas of literacy, education, recreation, arts and culture
  • Community events, including fundraising events for non-profit organizations
  • Community special interest bulk publications
  • Material written in English, French or in both official languages

Material that is Not Acceptable for OPL posting

  • Partisan or political material for individual political parties or candidates
  • Advertisements, private notices or solicitations for business
  • Petitions
  • Materials relating to events/activities taking place outside the City of Ottawa
  • Posters and materials larger than 8.5x11 inches
  • Material violating the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Material omitting essential information such as date, time, place or fee
  • Material that promotes a specific faith


  • OPL is a bilingual institution and will give priority to bilingual material, particularly if it is intended for branches that serve a large bilingual population.
  • Priority is given to material produced by OPL, Friends of OPL Association, City of Ottawa and items that are relevant to Library customers.
  • Priority is given to events and programs that are free.



  • Size must be a maximum of 8.5 x 11 inches (horizontal or vertical orientation)
  • Provide one poster per branch
  • If the poster is double sided, allow two posters per branch


  • pamphlets
  • flyers
  • brochures
  • bookmarks

Material must be

  • pre-bundled according to the quantity chart (below)
  • each bundle must be firmly labelled with a branch location


  1. Fill ou the following webform to request approval for your material.

  2. Attach a jpg, jpeg, png or pdf copy of your material in electronic format to the webform as indicated.

  3. Bundle and label materials as indicated on the quantity chart below.

  4. Print off the approval e-mail you will receive and include it when you drop off or mail your packaged material. Material should be received at least two weeks in advance of when it should be posted.

Drop off or Mail your material

Drop off:

  • At any branch during open hours (indicate on package: Ottawa Public Library, Distribution, Mailcode 24-661) OR
  • On the book truck in the lobby of the James Bartleman Archives and Library Materials Centre at 100 Tallwood Dr., Nepean, ON K2G 4R7 (map) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday-Friday

Mail your material:

  • Library Materials Delivery Centre
    James Bartleman Archives and Library Materials Centre
    100 Tallwood Dr., Nepean
    ON K2G 4R7


  • While OPL may distribute or post material, this does not imply that OPL endorses its content.
  • Materials distributed centrally for posting must be approved by the Communications team by sending an electronic copy of the item to
  • Materials distributed centrally does not guarantee that material will be posted in branches. Branches decide what to post based on local interest and space.
  • Two weeks must be allowed for the material to get to the branches.
  • For the distribution of institutional booklets (CRA’s tax preparation guide, Take it Back! Buy Local, School board course listings), please contact to discuss possible increase of copies per branch.
  • Material that is dropped off without the following will be recycled:
    • a copy of the distribution approval e-mail from
    • required bundling and labelling
    • the package addressed to Ottawa Public Library, Distribution, Mailcode 24-661

Quantity Chart

Please bundle and label bookmarks, brochures, flyers as per the required number of items per branch.

List of branches and quantities for handouts and posters
Branch Handout Quantity Poster Quantity
Alta Vista 15 1
Beaverbrook 10 1
Blackburn Hamlet 10 1
Carlingwood 2 1
Carp 1 1
Centennial 10 1
Constance Bay 1 1
Cumberland 10 1
Elmvale Acres 5 1
Emerald Plaza 5 1
Fitzroy Harbour 1 1
Greely 1 1
Greenboro 15 1
Hazeldean 10 1
Main / Centrale 20 1
Manotick 1 1
Metcalfe 1 1
Munster 1 1
Nepean Centrepointe 20 1
North Gloucester Nord 10 1
North Gower 1 1
Orléans 10 1
Osgoode 1 1
Richmond 1 1
Rideau 5 1
Rockcliffe Park 5 1
Rosemount 5 1
Ruth E. Dickinson 10 1
St-Laurent 15 1
Stittsville 5 1
Sunnyside 15 1
Vanier 5 1
Vernon 1 1
Total 228 33

For more info, email