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Meeting Room Booking Policy


To offer meeting spaces in Ottawa Public Library (OPL) locations as a community service to individuals and organizations.


The OPL is a community meeting place and information source for customers and, as such, will make available meeting room space to the public on a fee basis and in a fair and consistent manner.

The OPL supports intellectual freedom as the prerequisite for an informed, democratic society. In addition, it strives to provide facilities that are welcoming, convenient and accessible and act as a community-gathering place.

Access to Library Meeting Rooms

As a community service, Library Meeting Rooms will be made available to the public for rental purposes.

Priority for the use of Library Meeting Rooms is given to Library and Library partnered meetings, programs or events. When these needs have been met, the Library will accommodate requests from the public. However, with the exception of Library and Library partnered events, events where liquor is served are not permitted.

The Library will only pre-empt customers who have already paid to rent a Library Meeting Room, with sufficient advance notice (two (2) days where possible) when emergencies arise or when unforeseen Library requirements for meeting rooms arise. Payment will be refunded or another booking scheduled, at the preference of the customer.

The Library does not necessarily endorse or recommend the positions, views, programs or policies of those using Library Meeting Rooms, and does not necessarily support statements made during meetings in Library Meeting Rooms.


Click here for a list of meeting rooms available for booking through the OPL Online Meeting Room (OMeRo) Booking System.

All bookings will be reviewed by Branch employees, to ensure groups meet Policy requirements. Branch employees will finalize the Meeting Room transaction by marking it confirmed.

If the booking application does not meet Policy requirements, employees will follow up as required.


Library Meeting Rooms are provided as a community service and are not rented solely to generate revenue.

Fees include the use of the room’s basic equipment installed and supplies as specified in the Library General Terms and Conditions for Rentals. Click here for a list of fees for meeting rooms available for booking through the OPL Online Meeting Room (OMeRo) Booking System.

The Harmonized Sales Tax of 13% is included in the rental fees.

If paid online through Paymentus (online payment system), totals of $750 or over are charged a service fee. The customer must check a box agreeing to pay the fee.

Payment of bookings must be verified prior to the customer using the room.

Fees for the use of Library Meeting Rooms are waived in the following circumstances:

  • For Library and Library partnered events, meetings, and programs
  • For all Ottawa City Council and City of Ottawa employees doing City business
  • For training offered by approved English as a Second Language (ESL), Français langue seconde (FLS), literacy groups, and Library Settlement Partnerships organizations


Payment for meeting room bookings will not be accepted by phone.

Payments may be done online at time of booking or in person at a Library branch within a maximum seven (7) days of making the booking. If not paid within seven (7) days, the booking will be released.

Bookings made under a week’s notice must be paid prior to the rental date and time. If not paid, the booking will be released.

When payment is made online, an email will be sent to the customer regarding receipt of payment.

When payment is made in person, the customer will receive a printed receipt.

Customers whose credit cards are declined in Paymentus will need to arrange for payment to be completed in person at a Library branch.


Contract holders must give to the Library two (2) business days’ (based on the meeting room branch location hours of operation) notice in writing, before the day of the event to cancel or request a modification to their rental contract. Refunds will not be granted once the notification period has expired.

Refunds relating to credit card payments made online using Paymentus will be referred to InfoService.

Refunds relating to payments made in a Library branch will require Contract holders to show the original cash register receipt

Publicity & Signage

In any advertising or promotional material, only the proper name of the Library shall be used, and any such material shall refer to the place of meeting as Ottawa Public Library, name of branch, and shall designate its proper municipal address. No use of the Library’s logo is permitted without explicit consent of the Library.

Advertising will not imply endorsement by the Library of the content of the meeting or event.

Permission to post notices of the event or program in the Library must be given by the location’s manager.

Signs will be posted outside all meeting rooms that are available for public use, indicating that the positions taken or statements made do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Ottawa Public Library Board.