OPL's first ever 'Poetry on spines' contest takes place April 7-11

Poetry on spines / Poésie sur dos

OPL is running a contest called ‘Poetry on spines / Poésie sur dos’ to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

To participate, just submit one photo of a stack of books to communications@BiblioOttawaLibrary.ca by email. The subject of the photo should be book spines, that you’ve aligned in a creative way to make ‘poetry’ with select words. English and French entries will be accepted from April 7-11. Include your name, phone number, home branch and Twitter handle (if you have one) in the email. This contest is open to Ottawa residents (and non-residents who have a Library card).

Submissions will be judged over the April 12-13 weekend by Pearl Pirie (English) and Gilles Latour (French). Winners, one in English and one in French, will be announced/contacted on Monday, April 14.

If you have questions, please contact InfoService@BiblioOttawaLibrary.ca or 613-580-2940.