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Software available

  • Arduino is used in conjunction with Arduino micro-controller boards. Small yet powerful, these boards are great for learning about programming and electronics and can be programmed to run anything from robots to household automated devices.
  • Blender is an artist-focused 3D design program. The software can be used to create 3D printed models, animated films, visual effects, visual art, interactive 3D applications and video games.
  • Gimp is a 2D graphics and photo manipulation program. As a graphics editor it is used to create and edit images for art, icons and graphical properties of web pages.
  • Inkscape is a 2D model drawing application used for creating and editing scalable vector graphics (SVG). Use it to create professional vector art for electronic and print illustrations. The software is useful when you want to use a laser cutter or to produce scalable and precise graphics.
  • Makerware is a product that allows users to prepare and modify 3D models for printing on OPL’s Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation 3D printers. It’s also great for estimating the amount of build material an object will require and how long it will take to build.
  • Meshlab is a 3D modelling and correction program used for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes. The software has the ability to import files created in other 3D modelling programs and to convert them to Stereo Lithographic, or .STL, format.
  • Netfabb is 3D modelling correction software. It handles 3D data for 3D printing and has the ability to repair incomplete files in order to make them printable.
  • OpenSCAD is a program for creating solid 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) objects. OpenSCAD reads from instructions and creates a 3D model from it. It is useful for creating schematics and highly detailed designs, especially for industrial, automotive, and engineering applications.
  • Serif Drawplus is a 2D graphics program. You can see your drawings in 3D with its instant 3D tool.  The software is suitable for creating documents, flow charts, scaled floor layouts, isometric drawings, and logos.
  • Sketchup is an easy-to-use general purpose 3D design program. The software can be used in architecture, film video, game design, and civil and mechanical engineering. Its drawing tools are used by designers, architects, makers, builders, and engineers. Sketchup has an online warehouse full of downloadable 3D models.
  • Adobe Premiere is a powerful digital editing suite most often used in video production. It allows users to edit video clips together, and to add sound effects and background music.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 is a high-end digital editing suite. It includes software for special effects, photo editing, website design, and graphic design. 
  • Pro Tools is a professional level audio editing program. It’s typically used by audio professionals to edit sound for film scoring or for post production in films.