Equipment available


  • Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation 3D Printers are very user friendly devices that customers can operate themselves. Makerbots work by melting a plastic filament, then extruding the liquid through a brass nozzle – just like a hot glue gun. The liquid quickly cools and hardens into shape.
  • David SLS-1 3D scanners are used to create digital versions of real life objects. The scanner works by rapidly firing patterns of structured light and capturing the images with a camera. Images from different angles can be stitched together to form a single 3D image fit for printing.
  • ProJet 1500 3D Printers are typically used to create hobby objects, replacements for broken items and can be used for the rapid prototyping of inventions. They work by depositing thin layers of material onto a base plate, and build up layer by layer until the finished object is complete. A photosensitive resin is exposed to ultraviolet light, which cures the resin in the shape of a 3D model. Once the model is complete, customers may choose to refine the finished product. They can wash and rinse their models and sand off rough edges. For a really fantastic looking product, painting and lacquering are options. 3D Design Software is used to create a digital roadmap of an object. These roadmaps are what tell the 3D printer what to do.  
  • Green Screen is a tool for creating a special effect. By filming actors in front of a green screen, editors can superimpose the background image of their choice. 
  • Video equipment including cameras, lighting kits and backdrop stands are available to make your video or photo project a reality.
  • Mac Pro is a professional level, cylinder-shaped machine designed for video editing and rendering, audio and graphics. 
  • Arduino micro-controllers are small yet powerful micro-controllers can be programmed to run anything from robots to household automated devices. They’re fantastic for learning programming and electronics.
  • Epilog Mini 24 Laser Cutter vaporizes areas of wood, acrylic or other materials leaving behind only the product you’d designed. Laser cutters excel in adding the finishing touches to existing products. Engraving custom designs or logos onto cherished items is extremely popular.
  • Epilog Helix 
Material Engrave Cut
Wood X X
Acrylic X X
Fabric X X
Glass X  
Coated Metals X  
Ceramic X  
Delrin X X
Cloth X X
Leather X X
Marble X  
Matte Board X X
Melamine X X
Paper X X
Mylar X X
Pressboard X X
Wood Veneer X X
Fiberglass X X
Painted Metals X  
Tile X  
Plastic X X
Cork X X
Corian X X
Anodized Aluminum X  
Stainless Steel Xx  
Brass Xx  
Titanium Xx  
Bare Metals Xx  

Xx: CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solutions.

Note: Vinyl, glazed tiles and painted or varnished wood are prohibited.