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Official languages - Guiding principles

The OPL Board recognizes both official languages, French and English, as having the same rights, status, and privileges. To this end, the Board is committed to bilingualism and to the provision of a strong bilingual context for all services and programs.

To achieve this commitment, the Board ensures:

  • The presence at Board meetings of bilingual staff knowledgeable in board policy issues for members of the Board to request minor clarifications in the language of their choice.
  • The public release of meeting agendas and action summaries in both official languages.
  • The right of individuals to address the Board in their official language of choice.
  • Providing interpretation services at Board meetings. Services must be requested a minimum of two (2) business days in advance of the Board meeting.

In addition, the Board recognizes that public delivery of services are offered in both official languages in accordance with the OPL’s administrative policy developed in alignment with this policy direction.