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Old Forge Podcast


Hi, my name is Romaine and I'm a librarian at Ottawa Public Library. Recently, we spoke with staff, volunteers, and guests at the Olde Forge Community Resource Centre about their biweekly Luncheon Program for seniors.
My name is Vanessa Jackson, and I'm the Program Manager for the Day Program and the luncheon.  The program's been running for over 20 years; we take anywhere between ten to about twenty clients each week and we get together for a hot lunch and then we have programming afterwards, which is a variety of entertainment such as volunteer musical entertainers, guest speakers, and occasionally, an occasional bingo.  It's a chance for any senior who wants to come out and get to be with other people, it's a nice social outing, nice as I've really gotten to know the folks who come out and we have lots and lots of laughs together.  We do lots of dancing and singing and I've learned so much from everybody too; everyone's so interesting and they all have their own stories.
Well, my name is Anita Niksic  
So why do you come to the lunch program?
To social with people and to learn different things
 Mon nom est Edmond Blakeney.  
 Lois Frasier-Blakeney.  It's interesting and it's a chance to know other people
We had a group come in with parrots, there, a few weeks back
Oh, yes.  Yes, they had 3 or 4 parrots, different types of parrots.  It was really interesting. I enjoyed it very much.
Yes, especially, I participated, a parrot got on to my arm and I was able to talk with it
My name is Saida Nagit [sp?].  
Gail Brown 
 Francine Temporeo [sp?]  
Mary McCaffrey 
Why did you volunteer for this program?
To help, to get busy, to just not sit at home and do nothing
Yes, that's the main thing
And to meet people too
What do you like about it?
To interact with the seniors; just. . . we know we're helping
And we know, if we need it sometime, we can come here