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Other Free Resources

To choose a source, ask yourself:  Who would be interested in gathering the information I am looking for? 

  1. Government Departments (federal and provincial)  and Crown corporations e.g., Health Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation data and research, Transport Canada
  2. Associations and Interest Groups e.g., Canada Real Estate Association, Restaurants Canada
  3. The Fraser Institute Canadian independent research body with studies of particular interest to the non-profit sector
  4. Canadian Federation of Independent Business
  5. US  Census  Bureau
  6. US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  7. MaRS Startup Toolkit Resources ffor startups.
  8. The Small Business Information  Canadian advice to small business: blogs, tutorials, guides
  9. U.S. Country Commercial Guides 

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