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Population and Demographics

Census information provides data on the national, provincial and local levels about population, income, education, language, ethnic origin, and many other categories, as well as trends. 

  1. Statistics Canada     
  • Census 2021 Census data searchable by place name.
  • Subjects lead to various types of studies and anaylyses; Key Indicators offer an overall view of data.  
  • Data covers a wide range of Canadian socio-economic topics and derived from Census figures and from annual Statistics Canada surveys. Limit your search using the choices on the left.  The tables can be manipulated and can be downloaded for use in an Excel spreadsheet.  The microdata can be ordered.  Some data is displayed visually.  
  • Industrial classifications to use in searching information: NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes and SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes.
  1. Ottawa Neighbourhood Study Neighbourhood maps include demographics, housing, civic engagement, food and recreation environment, and health and financial services.
  2. ​Locate Ottawa An interactive internet mapping program designed for finding a location for a business in Ottawa by providing public access to a range of valuable information. This site also serves the purpose of generating demographic and business reports for specific locations. 
  3. City of Ottawa Statistics and Demographics resources and Ottawa Census data.

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