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Some in-branch programs require registration with your library card. Please log in with your library account or follow this link to apply for a card online. You can also apply for a card in person at any of our 33 locations.

  • Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 2:00pm
    120 minutes

    Express yourself and come learn how to make your own “zine!" Zines are DIY, self-published, publications that can be about any interest, hobby, or fandom. Zines can feature of art, writing, or a mix of both. We will have all the needed materials on hand including paper, markers, coloured pencils, and collage materials.

    Exprimez vous-même et venez apprendre comment créer votre propre « zine ! » Les zines sont les publications bricolées et auto-publiées qui peuvent présenter n'importe quel intérêt, loisir, ou « fandom. » Les zines peuvent présenter des œuvres d'art, des écrits ou un mélange des deux. Nous allons avoir tous les matériaux à disposition - de papier, des marqueurs, des crayons de couleur et des matériaux pour le collage.

  • Mondays, Jul 22, 2024 - Aug 19, 2024
    120 minutes

    4 sessions remaining

    Create and build with Lego and your imagination.  Parents and guardians must accompany their children.

  • TD Summer Reading Club banner

    Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 2:30pm
    60 minutes

    Propel yourself into uncharted territories. Come explore heredity with alien genetics.

    Registration Required. Ages 10-12.

    This is the same program being offered at Hazeldean, Carp, and Constance Bay. Please register for the program at the branch most convenient for you!

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    Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 2:30pm
    60 minutes

    Sorry this event and its waiting list are full

    For this program, Parrot Partners will bring at least 3 parrots, from different areas of the world, ranging in size from very small and ‘spunky’ to massive and ‘mellow.’  We introduce each parrot, one at a time, and share interesting and entertaining facts and stories about their natures and lives in the wild and in our homes.   Participants will be offered the opportunity to give our parrots a treat or drink from a safety cup or feeding skewer, as well as pose for photos with the parrots. Family program for ages 4+. 

  • Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 4:00pm
    35 minutes

    What does it mean to be disabled and desirable? In Picture This, a new documentary by Jari Osborne, we meet Andrew Gurza, a self-described “queer cripple” who has made it his mission to make sex and disability part of the public discourse.

    Jari Osborne | 2017 | 33 min

    This work deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Mondays, Jul 22, 2024 - Dec 23, 2024
    150 minutes

    11 sessions remaining

    Come join us for a fun collage session! Explore your creative side and piece together something beautiful. Collages make nice greeting cards or posters to decorate your home. Drop in program. Welcome to all ages. No registration required. All collage-making supplies (scissors, paper, glue) will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own special papers and materials as well.

    Venez participer à un amusant atelier de collage! Libérez votre créativité et fabriquez quelque chose de magnifique. Faites de jolies cartes de souhaits ou de belles décorations à afficher chez vous. Programme portes ouvertes. Pour tous âges. Aucune inscription nécessaire. Tout le matériel nécessaire vous sera fourni (ciseaux, papier, colle), mais vous pouvez aussi apporter vos propres papiers et outils.

  • Mondays, Jul 22, 2024 - Aug 26, 2024
    90 minutes

    6 sessions remaining

    Improve your French, share stories and make new friends!

    Améliorez votre français, partager des histoires et faites des amis!

  • TD Summer Reading Club banner

    Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 6:30pm
    60 minutes

    Watch your favourite children books come to life. All ages. Drop in

  • Monday Jul 22, 2024 at 6:30pm
    60 minutes

    Sorry this event and its waiting list are full

    Adults are invited to join us in making their own cards. Make greeting cards for your loved ones for any occasion. Supplies are provided but feel free to also bring your own. All skill levels are welcome. Come along and have fun! Registration is required. 

  • TD Summer Reading Club banner

    Tuesdays, Jul 23, 2024 - Aug 13, 2024
    30 minutes

    4 sessions remaining

    Contes, comptines et chansons pour les enfants de tous âges et un parent ou gardien.

    Programme portes ouvertes. Programme familial.