Rates and fees

Note: all rates include HST.

For all branches, save and except Beaverbrook, Cumberland, Greenboro, Nepean Centrepointe, Ruth E. Dickinson, and St-Laurent, as of May 31, 2016:

Category Rate Duration
Commercial / Private $18.76  1 hour or less
Not For Profit $6.25 1 hour or less
Main Library auditorium, Commercial / Private $65  1 hour or less
Main Library auditorium, Not For Profit                 $35  1 hour or less


Category Fees Duration
Small meeting room Commercial $51.10 1 hour or less
Small meeting room, Private $32.50 1 hour or less
Small meeting room, Non For Profit          $11.15 1 hour or less

Nepean Centrepointe

Category Fees Duration
Commercial / Private     $24.01 1 hour or less
Non For Profit $19.49 1 hour or less


Not For Profit: An activity that aligns with the Library's Vision, Mission and Core Values and is not intended to generate a profit. This activity must be open to everyone.

Private: A not for profit activity that does not align with the Library's Vision, Mission and Core Values and/or is intended for select members of the community.

Commercial: An activity that has the intent of generating a profit. This activity may involve the sale of goods or services or may require a registration fee prior to participation.


Fees for the use of Library Meeting Rooms are waived in the following circumstances:

  • For library, library-sponsored and co-sponsored events, meetings and programs.
  • For all members of Ottawa City Council, meeting with their constituents and/or on City business.
  • For all City of Ottawa employees doing City business.
  • For official City boards and committees
  • For training offered by recognized English as a Second Language (ESL), Français langue seconde (FLS) or literacy groups, or by individuals representing such groups.

Fees are waived for the following literacy organizations:

Algonquin College: Career & College Preparation, ALSO (Alternative Learning Styles and Outlooks), CNIB Literacy Program for Deaf-Blind Adults, ELTOC (English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community), Frontier College, John Howard Society of Ottawa, Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, The Ottawa Deaf Centre, People, Words & Change, La Magie des lettres, Le Trésor des mots, La Cité Collegiale.