Step 1: Contactless services inside most open branches


There are contactless services inside most of our 31 open branches, with strict capacity limits in place, as of June 14, 2021, except at Metcalfe Village, Orléans and Rosemount. This means:

  • Pick up holds and check them out at self-checkout stations.
  • Return borrowed items to book drops anytime.
  • Access to PCs, Chromebooks, and printing, where these are available.
  • No other services: no browsing, no washroom access.
  • Mask-wearing remains mandatory inside, and outside in line.

For details, go to Current Branch Services.

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Rosemount branch revitalization project update

Online survey discoveries

 Would you be willing to travel to another branch for  any of the programs the Rosemount branch offers?

Would you be willing to travel to another branch for any of the programs the Rosemount branch offers?

  • Yes 27%
  • No 73%

 Why do you or your family use the branch?

Why do you or your family use the branch?

  • Socialize 3%
  • Work areas 4%
  • Computers 5%
  • Other 5%
  • Printers 6%
  • Programs 7%
  • Spend spare time 9%
  • Children’s resources 9%
  • Read books 11%
  • Borrow books 41%

 What spaces do you usually visit?

Which spaces do you usually visit?

  • Teen space 2%
  • Program room 3%
  • Computers 5%
  • Children’s area 9%
  • Washrooms 9%
  • Work / reading areas 10%
  • Service hub 12%
  • Book drop off 24%
  • Holds pick up 26%

 What would you consider to be the building's significant heritage features?

What would you consider to be the building’s significant heritage architectural features?

  • Other 2%
  • Symmetry 5%
  • Wood portico 8%
  • Shelving 10%
  • Date-stone 10%
  • Wood beams 13%
  • Exterior brick 16%
  • Ceiling height 16%
  • Window openings 20%

 What would you like to see on the exterior of the building?

What would you like to see on the exterior of the building?

  • Bike racks 28%
  • Community projects 10%
  • Plants 12%
  • Landscaping 16%
  • Other 17%
  • Seating 17%

 Would you like to add anything else?

Would you like to add anything else?

  • Comments (e.g. The library is more than book) 10%
  • Memories (e.g. Time spent with children going to the library) 11%
  • Praise staff and library (e.g. The staff are friendly, courteous, and helpful) 17%
  • Praise heritage (e.g. Keep architectural heritage features) 12%
  • Program praise and requests (e.g. Would like to see the collection expanded) 9%
  • Better lighting, technology, furniture (e.g. Offer more tablets and make them mobile) 6%
  • Increased or improved space (e.g. Would like to see more seating and work places) 35%

Public consultation discoveries

 see text below

  • Improve use of space
  • Respect heritage
  • Accessibility
  • Teen space
  • Better kids furniture
  • Open sealed windows
  • Comfortable space
  • Wood arch
  • Larger front entrance
  • Lobby is too dark
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Places to work
  • Open on Sunday
  • Universal washroom
  • High ceilings
  • Places to sit
  • Places to sit outside
  • Activity room
  • Open front entry
  • More space
  • Open, simple and welcoming
  • All exits accessible
  • More light
  • Better heating and cooling
  • Community art
  • Library is like a community centre
  • More kids’ programs
  • Reading lights
  • Improve lighting
  • Sustainability
  • Program and layout
  • Open space
  • Improve the street presence
  • Bird friendly glass
  • More work stations
  • Movable shelves
  • Meeting room

Photo of Rosemount open house participants

Summary of Online Survey

  • Closely echoed those from open house.
  • A key discovery was that 50% of the respondents primarily use the branch to drop off books or pick up holds.
  • Respondents wrote they would spend more time at the branch if there were additional and varied places to sit, read, work, and meet.

Summary of Public Consultation held on October 3, 2018


  • maintain and expand existing branch services and amenities;
  • conserve and respect the heritage of the existing building;
  • find better use of space/harvest additional space;
  • incorporate accessibility and sustainability features; and,
  • include public and community art.


  • provide more places to sit, read, work, and meet;
  • improve lighting and acoustics, while retaining heritage features wherever possible;
  • increase connectivity and provide areas to charge devices;
  • design a dedicated children’s section and an expanded teens’ space;
  • include a community meeting space.


  • enhance the experience of arrival at the branch with a new and improved lobby space;
  • provide bike racks and stroller parking;
  • make better use of outdoor space for children’s programs; and,
  • add to and improve spaces to read and pass time outside of the branch.

Important notes:

The anecdotal information received from staff suggest Teen Area, Program (Activities) Room, Computers, Work / Reading Areas are less popular destinations within the branch compared with Holds Pick Up, Book Drop Off and the Service Hub, which are highly popular and important to the branch. The survey results can be explained in the following ways:

  • The Teen Area, Computers, Work / Reading Areas are highly popular areas, but can only be used by a small number of people at any given time.
  • The Program (Activities) Room reflect responses by parents, daycare or school group leaders who represent many children users, thus skewing the results lower than staff experience. Supporting the staff observations were comments supporting the value of the children’s programs and requests for more programs.

Proposed site plan

Proposed site plan, see legend below

  1. Covered book return
  2. Bike parking
  3. Stroller parking
  4. New accessible ramp
  5. Outdoor seating
  6. New stair
  7. Rear courtyard
  8. Public path to Wellington street

Proposed lower level

 see legend below

  1. Vertical circulation
  2. Circulation space
  3. Entrance
  4. Material processing room
  5. Activities room
  6. Meeting rooms
  7. Office space and staff lounge
  8. Washrooms, universal washroom, janitor
  9. Storage
  10. Covered book return
  11. Bike parking
  12. Accessible ramp
  13. Stroller parking
  14. Outdoor seating
  15. New stair

Proposed upper level

Proposed upper level. See legend below

  1. Vertical circulation
  2. Lobby
  3. Teen zone
  4. Children’s and adult space
  5. Reading nook
  6. Reading room
  7. Front reading room

Proposed concept design

Proposed concept design. See features below.

Additional Public Space

  • Prominent front entry, including a larger vestibule,
  • Front reading room on upper level.

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • More natural light & views to outdoors,
  • Improved lighting & connectivity,
  • Enhanced seating options,
  • Ecologically sustainable materials and finishes, and,
  • Water fountain.


  • Re-open west windows, and,
  • Further enhancements of historical character, e.g. ceilings.

Public Art Installation