Rosemount Revitalization

UPDATE – October 4, 2018


Thanks to everyone who attended the Open House session yesterday to provide feedback on the architectural approach to revitalizing OPL’s Rosemount branch. For those who were not able to attend, or who would like to view the presentation by +VG architects who have been hired to carry out the revitalization, including much of the public consultation, you can view the full presentation here.



UPDATE – September 13, 2018

Rosemount branch is undergoing revitalization and community input will be key to the success of the project.

There will be three main opportunities for the public to share their thoughts:

1.         Complete a preliminary online survey
2.         Join us at the Rosemount Revitalization Open House – or provide feedback online further to the information presented

3.         Provide input on the design concept (to be released in December; more information to follow).


Preliminary Online Survey

We know that the Rosemount branch plays an important role in its community.  This survey will help us understand more about typical customer visits to the branch, and public opinions regarding heritage, architecture, layout, accessibility, technology, and the overall use and function of the building. 

This bilingual survey should take no more than seven minutes to complete, and is available here.


Rosemount Revitalization Open House – October 3, 2018 6 pm to 8 pm

OPL will be hosting a Rosemount Revitalization Open House on October 3, 2018 between 6 p.m. and 8 pm.  The public can meet with the architectural team (+VG) leading the revitalization to learn more about the project scope and potential options for the building layout and design. Members of the public can share their thoughts and wants as we work together to revitalize this important community branch. The Open House is a drop-in format.


For anyone who cannot make it to the Open House, a version of the presented materials as well as options to provide feedback will be available online. Please check back here on October 4, 2018!


Design Concept

In December, the architectural team will return to the OPL Board with the design concept. Following this release, the public will have an opportunity to review the design in the community.  More information to follow in November.



Ottawa Public Library has engaged +VG Architects to design the revitalization of the Rosemount branch. This project will extensively renovate and refresh the branch, address building condition and accessibility issues, improve efficiencies, and modestly increase public floor space.

+VG Architects is an award-winning architectural firm known for innovative approaches to their design. Carnegie Library upgrade projects represent a core competency of their experience; having completed projects at eight of Ontario’s remaining Carnegie Libraries (more than 10%).

Overall Design Objectives:

  • Provide functional, flexible library spaces by creating multi-use areas with open sightlines;
  • Rehabilitate building elements, while retaining and complementing the building’s historic character;
  • Address accessibility requirements;
  • Address sustainability requirements;
  • Address building code requirements;
  • and Incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

Public input is a key to the success of the Rosemount Revitalization, and is set to begin in early Fall 2018. More information and specific dates to follow in September 2018. Construction is tentatively set to begin in April 2019, at which time the branch will be closed for revitalization. Service to the community will continue at a temporary site at 1207 Wellington Street West.

Rosemount Revitalization FAQs

  • What will the library look like after the revitalization?

    • The design solution will depend on the feedback received through the public engagement process. We expect that the building will have a new entrance that will be more in keeping with the heritage architecture. Inside, we are looking forward to more light, new furniture, and flexible, functional spaces.
  • Will there be an addition to the building?

    • There will be a new front entrance and a rear stairway. The property upon which the branch sits is too small to expand further.
  • What is it going to cost?

    • Ottawa Public Library will be spending $2 million on this project, which is the largest branch revitalization budget to date.
  • Who is the architect?

    • +VG Architects (The Ventin Group Ltd.) of Ottawa have been selected as the architectural firm for the project following a request for proposal process. The firm has excellent library experience including the renovation of eight other Carnegie libraries in Ontario.
  • How can I participate in the design?

    • Public engagement will begin in early fall. More information and specific dates will be available in September.
  • When will construction start?

    • Construction is planned for spring 2019.
  • How long will construction take?

    • We expect that the construction will be completed by spring 2020.
  • Will the branch be open during construction?

    • The Rosemount branch will operated out of a temporary storefront location at 1207 Wellington St. W. during the construction period.
  • How will this affect employees?

    • You will see many employees working at the temporary location. Other employees will be working at other branches during the revitalization.
  • Will there be programs during the revitalization?

    • Staff are investigating options for providing programs at other sites in the community.
  • Where can I pick up my holds during the revitalization?

    • Holds will be available at the temporary location.
  • I usually return my books at the branch. Will I be able to do this at the temporary location?

    • The temporary location will accept returns during the revitalization. Returns can also be made at any of the other 32 OPL branches.
  • Is there parking at the temporary location?

    • There is 90 minute free parking on Wellington St., a pay parking lot just west of the temporary location, and metered parking on Hamilton Avenue just east of the temporary location.
  • Where are the closest other branches?

    • Sunnyside branch and Main branch are within 5 km of Rosemount branch.
    • Emerald Plaza branch and Carlingwood branch are within 8km of Rosemount branch.