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Frequently Asked Questions about paying your fees online using SmartPay

What is SmartPay?

SmartPay is a secure online tool where customers can pay bills or fees to organizations or companies. SmartPay is the Ottawa Public Library’s (OPL) service provider that enables customers to pay their Library fees online (for amounts that are higher than $1.00).

How do I access SmartPay?

You can access SmartPay directly here.

You can also log in to My OPL using your Library card number and PIN and follow the link to SmartPay. Or you can follow the link to SmartPay either on the OPL homepage or in the OPL catalogue (Bibliocommons).

If I am already logged in to my OPL account, why do I have to log in again on the SmartPay page?

You need to log in to SmartPay separately because you are logging in to a secure site designed to protect your credit card information.

What methods of payment can I use?

You can pay by credit card only. You may use Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Debit cards are not accepted.

Can I only pay a portion of my fees?

You may choose to pay all or a portion of your fees at any given time unless your account includes long overdue items/fees that have been listed with the Library’s recovery agency. 

What if my account has long overdue items/fees?

Partial payments cannot be made on long overdue accounts that have been listed with the Library’s recovery agency. You may, however, pay these accounts in full by using SmartPay.

Can I still pay my fees online if my Library card has expired?


Can I print a receipt of my transactions?


Will OPL employees be able to verify that I’ve paid online?

Yes, your borrower record will indicate that a fee was paid using SmartPay.

I am not sure if I completed a transaction. How can I check?

Once you have logged in to SmartPay, go to the Transactions tab. Your past transactions will be listed. You can also click on the Pay Fees tab to see if you still owe fees.

How long will these archived transactions be available to me?

Your transaction history will remain available indefinitely.

How will I recognize these payments on my credit card statement?

They will appear as OPL/BPO Online.

Who has access to my credit card information?

You are the only one who has access to your credit card information. Credit card details are not stored and must be re-entered each time you login to pay a fee.

View the OPL’s privacy statement

Can I get a refund if I find and bring back the books I paid for?

No refunds are issued for fees or items that were paid for.

I cannot log in to the SmartPay site. What should I do?

Make sure you are using the correct number on your Library card and the right PIN. If you are sure you are using the right numbers but still cannot log in to the SmartPay site, please contact InfoService – 613-580-2940.

**For more information about SmartPay, go to**