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Sourdough Bread Making

In this class we will cover the basics of sourdough bread making. We will start by understanding how to properly care for a starter in a simple and stress-free way. Elle Chef will demonstrate and explain how to mix the dough, autolyse, stretch & folds, scoring and more. This class will cover not just what the steps are but why they matter so that you can feel confident making bread on your own and adjusting recipes and schedules to fit your schedule! Come get your sourdough questions answered and dive into the wonderful world of sourdough with the Elle Chef. This class is designed for all levels of home cooks 

Elle Chef was started in 2018 by Elle Crevits and has taught over 450 people in the Ottawa Region and beyond to make sourdough bread. Starting out of her home kitchen shortly after moving to Ottawa, Elle fell into a community of people interested in making simple food and cooking from scratch. Elle is not a professionally trained chef, simply a passionate home cook that believes anyone can be a great cook, her approach reflects that. Elle makes sourdough bread classes that are practical and fun for home cooks interested in learning the art and science of sourdough bread making.