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Aboriginal Graphic Novel Author/Illustrator @ the Library


The Friends of the Ottawa Public Library have sponsored visits from Aboriginal author, David Alexander Robertson, to increase outreach initiatives to the Aboriginal community of Ottawa. David Alexander Robertson will be holding six workshops and lectures at the Library next week to discuss his award-winning graphic novel series 7 generations. The series examines Aboriginal history as well as contemporary issues. Reviews of his work have suggested that the graphic novels are insightful, powerful and deal with difficult sensitive subjects. No doubt the participants will enjoy learning what it means to create a work from scratch and have it published in Canada as well as having a chance to discuss the subject matter presented. Robertson will begin his tour at the Mamidosewin Centre at Algonquin College where he will present to over 30 college students. Several high schools in Ottawa will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Robertson and will participate in writing and illustrating exercises.

Watch his book trailer here.

Find his books at the library.