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Expanded Beaverbrook Branch: December update


The exterior of the expanded Beaverbrook Branch was enclosed last week just as the early winter snow arrived. These latest pictures were taken prior to the snow storm.  The glass windows have now been installed in the building and are most notable on the front facade.  Wood “fins” will be added to the exterior of this front glass facade to cover the seams.  Once in place these fins will give the appearance of the interior wood beams extending through the glass. Roof work has been completed with skylights to be installed at a later date.  Interior stud work and mechanical ductwork continues to be installed in the building.  Interior masonry work will be commencing this week.   One stairway has been installed allowing better access to the second floor.  A second stairway is scheduled for completion later this month with the installation of the elevator scheduled to commence in January.

Beaverbrook branch photoBeaverbrook branch photoBeaverbrook branch photoBeaverbrook branch photo