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Word Nerd - Some punny books!


Do you love words? A fan of puns? I've long been interested in language and playing with words, and sometimes it's hard to find some books that play with language. I have two suggestions to offer, and although they are both "Juvenile" books, they're quite entertaining for all ages.


First is one of my all time favourite books, which I discovered in one of those Scholastic summer book boxes, the "Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster. Milo is bored, and has nothing to do. He find a mysterious package one afternoon which turns into a tollbooth, so Milo decides to drive by it in his toy car. He then arrives in a magical land and sets off on a great adventure. The wordplay is full of puns, and the characters are wonderful, especially shown with illustrations by Jules Feiffer. I am purposefully leaving this one very vague as the story is so entertaining. You may never look at words and numbers in the same fashion after reading this.





A more recent book which has great wordplay in it is one called "Seriously Norman!" by Christopher Raschka. Norman Normann didn't do very well on his annual Amalgamated Academic Independent City Schools Test, so his his parents hire a tutor, Balthazar Birdsong,to help prepare him for next year's test. His tutor is terribly eccentric as he suggests that Norman study the dictionary, mastering one letter of the alphabet each week instead of doing standard word lists and test as other tutors would do. Balthazar also takes Norman and his friends on field trips across the city. Each chapter contains these word lists which are delightful and interesting. I also enjoyed how Normal and his best friend Leonard karate chop their way around. EEE-YAH!!


I hope to come across some other gems like these books, and if I do, I'll be sure to blog about them!