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OPEN BRANCHES: 22 of our branches and the Bookmobile are currently open for modified services at this time.

Additional branches will reopen for contactless returns and holds pickup in the fall and early winter. Details:

HOURS AND LOCATIONS: for current branch hours.

BOOKMOBILE: for the current Bookmobile stops schedule.

MANDATORY: Masks are required to be worn inside Ottawa Public Library branches, as per theTemporary Mandatory Mask By-law. Customers who are not wearing masks will not be allowed inside branches. Exceptions apply for people with medical exemptions.

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Staff Blogs

Good nutrition is important at any age. Nutrient needs change as you age; older...
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The Ottawa Public Library is pleased to offer a French group of the innovative program Aging By The Book.
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What is FCAC? The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) is a federal agency...
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The theme for Financial Literacy Month in Canada is Take Charge of Your Finances...
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According to the Canadian Survey on Disability , just over 62% of Canada’s population...
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WHAT IS ELDER ABUSE? According to World Health Organization, elder abuse is defined as,...
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Aging Well Together is a year-long series on healthy aging being presented in Ottawa Public Library branches across the city.
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A Friendly Voice is a phone line, dedicated to seniors, and was modelled on...
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According to the 2016 Census there are approximately 79,710 immigrant seniors above the age...
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As Abraham Lincoln said : It’s not the years in your life that count...
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Do you know fact from fiction when it comes to retirement living - and...
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The adage of ‘use it or lose it’ holds true when it comes to...
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Compassionate Ottawa is a grassroots initiative that focuses on improving quality of life for...
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Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to eat yogurt after the best before...
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Learn about the rights and responsibilities of older adults, under Ontario law.
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