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  • Closure: Main branch

    The Main branch will remain closed Friday, February 28, Saturday, February 29 and Sunday, March 1, 2020, due to emergency repairs. The branch is scheduled to reopen to the public on Monday, March 2, 2020, at 10am. Holds and loans from the branch have been extended. 

Staff Blogs

Traveling this summer? OPL is proud to announce the addition of The Growler to...
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Take a trip with Alex Bissett, on a Trans Pacific Ocean crossing from Sydney...
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I found a couple of gems on the 2nd floor at Centrepointe. While they are non fiction they could sneak down to the fiction shelves and feel right at home.
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Je viens de finir Du bon usage des étoiles de Dominique Fortier, un roman historique sur la dernière tentative de Sir John Franklin de conquérir le passage du Nord-Ouest en 1845. L’histoire, bien imaginée par l’auteure, passe des navires de l’expédition aux salons du grand monde, et donne un aperçu des pensées de divers personnages, y compris :
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The first time I visited Mexico City, I felt overwhelmed. The population is somewhere...
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Everyone is a tourist somewhere! Whether you are planning a trip, looking for inspiration,...
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Voici des guides de voyage ... pour vous aider à planifier votre prochaine excursion,...
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Road Trip! / Balades en voiture!
Summer is coming and it’s the season for road trips! Take your time, wander,...
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In recent years, the summer staycation has become a popular trend. It allows a...
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For the next installment of the Ottawa Staycation series, we will take a trip...
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