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Strategic Directions and Priorities 2020-2023


To build community and transform lives.


We inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people.

Value Statements 


We are an active part of our community, reaching beyond our spaces to build relationships that enrich Ottawa.


We are welcoming and open to all, and are committed to providing access to spaces, collections, programs, resources, and expertise.


We embody the principles of public stewardship, transparency, and accountability in our operations and interactions.

Intellectual Freedom

We defend the free and open exchange of lawful information and ideas in a democratic society, respecting individual’s rights to privacy and choice.


We cultivate the joys of reading, learning, discovering, and creating.

Strategic Statement

By 2023, we will increase the number of active card holders by 25% by improving OPL's community relevance. 

Strategic Directions and Priorities 

Redesign the Library Experience

  • Develop programming strategy
  • Define the ideal experience across physical and virtual channels
  • Create the destination experience for the Ottawa Central Library
  • Assess the impacts of barriers to service
  • Develop the physical space experience

Build Organizational Capacity

  • Redesign the employee experience
  • Renew leadership accountability
  • Develop data-driven decision-making

Promote the Value of OPL

  • Develop and implement a brand strategy
  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan
  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships and advocacy
  • Strengthen the Intellectual Freedom program