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Strategic Directions and Priorities 2015-2018


To build community and transform lives.


To inspire learning, spark curiosity, and connect people.


Access and Inclusion 

We are committed to providing basic services to every person in Ottawa, free of charge, and to providing barrier-free facilities, resources and services.


We are responsible for meeting the library service needs of the community in an efficient, effective and fiscally responsible manner. 


We provide a strong bilingual context in English and in French for our resources and services.

Dynamic Workforce

We promote a stimulating work environment that recognizes and rewards employee creativity in serving the people of Ottawa.

Informed Community

We believe that Ottawa's future economic and social prosperity depends on ensuring that all citizens are well informed and supported in their aspirations to learn throughout their lifetimes. 


We continuously review current practices, make improvements, leverage technology and create new standards of performance to drive service improvements.

Intellectual Freedom

We defend the rights of library customers to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression as the basis of a democratic society.

Love of Reading

We nurture the joy of reading in people of all ages.

Right to Privacy

We respect and protect the privacy of our customers

Service Excellence

We excel in customer-driven service and provide welcoming and expert service supportive of human differences.

Directions and Priorities

Services that are customer centric

  • Act as a catalyst for exploration and discovery
  • Provide physical and digital collections that are responsive to customer demands and community needs
  • Enhance the customer experience by leveraging best practices and technology

Spaces for community, collections, and creation

  • Develop an inclusive, dynamic Central Library, enabling creation and learning
  • Sustain collaborative and flexible physical spaces across the Library system
  • Design virtual spaces for creation and sharing

Success through learning, literacy, and innovation

  • Strengthen and promote the Library's reach and value
  • Foster community partnerships
  • Align Library services in support of customer needs