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Taking photos / videos


To outline the Ottawa Public Library’s (OPL) position on taking photos and videos in its facilities.


This policy applies to any type of equipment that permits the taking of photos/videos. At all times, disruption to the activities of OPL customers and employees must be kept to a minimum.

Customer/partner/media applicability:

As a public space, taking photos and shooting videos is permitted in OPL facilities, on OPL premises, and at OPL events/programs, as long as OPL customers’ and employees’ activities are not disrupted.

OPL is not responsible for providing consent forms to third parties.

OPL prohibits all taking of photos/videos in washrooms and designated children’s areas. Exceptions for taking photos/videos in children’s areas may be granted where the requester has a legitimate reason, and the person having their photo/video taken, agrees. In the case of children who are 15 and under, the parent or guardian must provide permission if the child’s face is distinguishable. Where permissions are required, it must be requested in advance of taking the photo/video.

OPL employee applicability:

On occasion, OPL will take Library-related photos/videos within its facilities, at programs, at events, or during OPL occurrences. The exact use of the photos/videos may or may not be planned at the time they are taken. They may be used for promotion, social media, or record-keeping within the OPL. Signage will be put up at each branch letting customers know that pictures and videos may be taken during a program, event or OPL occurrence. The official OPL photographer will also put up temporary signage when he takes photos/videos at one of the branches.