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  1. Business and Industry Canada Taxes Guide Federal and Provincial tax information along with tax refunds and credits.
  2. FedDev Ontario Small Business Services Taxation Info Guide
  3. This guide is specific to Ontario and outlines the different taxes that may affect your business and provides information on tools, programs and services that can help you meet your business tax obligations.
  4. Business Registration Online (BRO) Created by Canada Revenue Agency, this self service application lets you register for a Business Number (BN), and GST/HST account, payroll deductions, import/export and Ontario programs. For accounting and for taxation purposes and in communication with the CRA, your 15 digit BN identifies your business and your accounts.
  5. ONT-TAXS, Ontario’s Tax Services Ontario’s online tax service for business. Visit their website or call toll-free 1-866-668-8297.
  6. Canada Revenue Agency’s E-Services for Business and Payroll Deductions Online Calculator

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