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    22 of our branches and the Bookmobile are open for modified services at this time. For details on our current in-person services, visit: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/current-branch-services.

    Visit our Hours and Locations page for our current branch hours and our Bookmobile page for the current Bookmobile schedule.

    MANDATORY:  Masks are required to be worn inside Ottawa Public Library branches, as per theTemporary Mandatory Mask By-law. Customers who are not wearing masks will not be allowed inside branches. Exceptions apply for people with medical exemptions.

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Using the equipment

Using the 3D printers and laser cutter

  • Certification sessions for 3D printers and laser cutter are posted on OPL’s Programs and events page
  • Customers can register for these sessions just like any other OPL program
  • Customers cannot use the 3D printers or laser cutter without having this certification
  • Customers may supply their own materials for laser cutting, which must be vetted and approved by Imagine Space employees. Click here to read the list of approved laser cutter materials.
  • Objects can be painted.
  • 3D objects printed on the Makerbot Replicator 2 5th Generation can be printed up 9.9” W x 7.8” D x 5.9” H in size, or smaller

Customer agreement

  • Customers must sign an agreement in order to use the 3D printers or laser cutter. The signed agreement must be returned to employees in the Imagine Space.
  • Customers agree to:
  • Customers agree to waive liability and accept responsibility for injury and damage to equipment
  • Parent/guardian must sign the agreement for all customers under the age of 18
  • Parent/guardian must be trained, sign, accompany, and be the sole person using deemed potentially hazardous equipment for all customers under the age of 13
  • The agreement is only a requirement if using potentially hazardous equipment, not if using other equipment (i.e. computers)

Booking equipment

  • Customers can book 3D printers, laser cutter and Mac Pro computers online 
  • Customers may reserve equipment up to 1 (one) month in advance from the current day
  • Customers are allowed a maximum of 2 (two) hours of equipment use per day
  • Customers may have a maximum of 2 (two) bookings per week, and 4 (four) bookings per month
  • Customers may not reserve multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Customers will need their valid Library card to book equipment
  • Customers cannot use the 3D printer or laser cutter without taking a certification course
  • Unbooked equipment may also be used on a drop-in basis
  • Customers must log on within the first 5 minutes of a scheduled booking or the booking will be cancelled
  • The last time slots of the day, booked for the laser cutter or 3D printer, must end no later than 30 minutes before closing.

Borrowing equipment

  • Customers may borrow video cameras, 3D scanners, and other small equipment on a first come, first served basis
  • Customers can borrow equipment for a maximum of 2 (two) hours a day, and the borrowing period can be renewed
  • There will be a $5/hour late fee charge
  • Can be taken out of the room but not out of the Nepean Centrepointe branch
  • If items are not returned, some fees can amount to up to $3,000
  • Customers must be 18 years or older
  • Customers must have their Library card, which must be in good standing, as well as a valid photo ID, that must be left in the Imagine Space during use

Saving your information

  • Customers must supply their own USB stick, external hard drive, or save to the cloud if they want to keep any files

Printing and rendering

  • The software will estimate the amount of time for print jobs/video renders to complete
  • Customers must advise an OPL employee if this estimate exceeds their 2 (two) hour/day limit