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FIN DU CONCOURS - Gagnez des billets pour le spectacle À GUICHET COMPLET de Chris Hadfield!

Chris Hadfield thinking





CONCOURS : Billets pour le spectacle À GUICHET COMPLET de Chris Hadfield à gagner!

Nous terminons notre année de célébration de l’art de raconter pour marquer le Canada 150 avec un spectacle de Chris Hadfield- astronaute, musicien, auteur, maître-conteur et premier commandant canadien de la Station spatiale internationale.

Participez au concours pour gagner l’une de 8 paires de billets pour le « Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 Show », le lundi 11 décembre aux Théâtres Centrepointe.

Pour participer:

1.  Dans la section des commentaires ci-dessous, dites-nous, en moins de 150 mots, quels articles de bibliothèque vous apporteriez avec vous dans l’espace…et pourquoi.
     PTI : Ça peut être un de nos services de diffusion en continu, votre navette spatiale est équipée de Wi-Fi! 

Le concours se déroulera du 16 novembre au 4 décembre 2017. Les gagnants seront notifiés le 5 décembre, selon les Règlements de concours de la BPO.  Bonne chance!

Une entrée au tirage par personne.

Veuillez noter: nous communiquerons avec vous par courriel si vous gagnez l'une des paires de billets.


I would bring the 3D printer so I could print out any small parts that broke on the spaceship. And I would bring the book "Living and Working Aboard the International Space Station" book in case I needed some extra info.

A chrome book, never be offline. "The Cambridge Star Atlas" by Wil Tirion an essential guide to the sky. BBC 's "Planet Earth II" so that I can admire even more my bejeweled, favourite planet. and "Love you Forever" by Robert Munsch/Sheila McGraw, so I remember how I got here.

I would bring duct tape (because duct tape is good anywhere), a rocket science manual, and some potato seeds to space (for food). I would also bring Andy Weir's The Martian with me because it's very entertaining and I could also use it as a survival manual if I get stranded and have to enter survivalist mode.

I would bring duct tape (because duct tape is good anywhere), a rocket science manual, and some potato seeds to space (for food). I would also bring Andy Weir's The Martian with me because it's very entertaining and I could also use it as a survival manual if I get stranded and have to enter survivalist mode.

I would bring the complete 5-volume "Trilogy" of the "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams and reacquaint myself with the beautiful poetry known as Vogon., especially the verse : "And booptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles, or I will rend thee in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!"

Amazing! me, too. I'd delight myself with the first book particularly and reflect on actual space and fabulously fictional space. I'd do it booptiously with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't!

If I went to space, I would bring The Bible to understand how God created planets from Heaven. I would bring a book about Nikola Tesla, because he was a pioneer in wireless communication and i am really interested to see and understand how satellites in space transmit information to earth wireless . I would also bring the couch I like to seat on from the main branch, I would bring the Book of Peoples of the World and The World Book of Happiness because I would be able to view earth from space.

I would bring streaming books on tape, ie history, new innovations, language to understand & have good interaction with people of the world & outside.

I would bring WiFi with me because then I could be able to do my work and communicate with the command center on Earth.

So simple - I would bring as many of my favourite books and a few new ones as weight limits allowed. I cannot be without a book to hold.

Interlibrary loans! I want to be able to borrow books (or data crystals, qubit audiobooks, quantum entanglement music recordings, or direct mindmeld downloads, as the case may be) from the aliens' library.

as many books as i'm allowed, i will not only bring my favorite books but books on space and maybe how to learn few languages

I would bring books (only few considering the limited weight) nothing feels as good as holding a physical copy of your favorite book. i will bring a tablet use Hoopla to watch movies and stream music, Linda.com to watch video tutorials on and expand my knowledge, use the wifi to connect with my family and friends, use the library website to checkout ebooks, audio books, and read newspapers and magazines

I would bring my tablet so I can borrow ebooks and audiobooks through Overdrive (using the Libby app), stream music and movies through Hoopla, and check the various databases for answers to questions and to help with whatever research project I am working on. I think that covers all the bases. :)

It should say "All I NEED in space is..."

Le plus de livres possible... Des cd de musique, des dvd! Un lien pour voir le spectacle de M. Hatfield le 11 décembre prochain!!!

I would bring audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, and specially all Chris Hatfield's books.

With wifi, I'd have access to all kinds of resources... and a lot less luggage! My favourites - ebooks, hoopla (movies and music) and Cloud library for recent releases. Though, perhaps I might not have much time to use them. I also like the idea of bringing a 3D printer!

As many books as possible that I could borrow and fit digitally = some new ones and some old favourites but also, a real book. There's something about turning actual paper pages...knowledge has gotten us into space so it deserves a place there.

Definitely the wi-fi, and a tablet stuffed with the library's e-books and audiobooks. My library card for digital borrowing from space. But no hard-copies unless I could return them somehow, or else the late fees would be "astronomical".

I would bring the book "Lego Space" from the library along with the recently released Women of NASA Lego Set to remind me of our favourite hobby of Lego on my journey in space.

I would bring a hardcopy edition of "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth" with Chris Hadfield duck-taped to the back cover!!!!

I would bring two types of architectural plans. One type would be showing the floorspace of libraries across Canada that are deemed too small for comfortable use but where there is no funding to create larger spaces to accommodate the needs of the community for their library use. Another type would be plans for building new libraries or adding space to existing libraries. If each library had these plans on their reference shelves then they could be considered a “library item”. For this jaunt into space I would bring an excellent advocate for libraries, and this person would be the Guardian and Explainer of the Plans. This person would certainly deserve this wonderful trip which would also deepen their commitment to the role of libraries in education and the space needed for this.

I would definitely try to find out if there is WiFi in the Celestrial Realm, but barring that, I would DEFINITELY travel with an extensive supply of DVDs of films and documentaries and an exhaustive "library" (sorry! I couldn't help myself... ) of music CDs to occupy my time and chill out while travelling the Milky Way. "When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars... " ("Age of Aquarius" - The 5th Dimension)

The only library item I would bring with me to space is my OPL card.
This will assure me access to reading materials such as e-books, and online newspapers and periodicals.

The only library item I would bring with me to space is my OPL card.
This will assure me access to reading materials such as e-books, and online newspapers and periodicals.

Thomas King and Tomson Highway books... I'd finally get a chance to read more of them, have my mind and perceptions expanded even more than they'd already be (in space) and have a lot of good laughs amidst the hard truths... in case being encapsulated in a tin can in the infinity of space for an extended period of time ever got to me.

Simple. It’s not an item per se, but I would bring my Elmvale Acres librarian in space. Why? Because he seems to have all the answers to all questions, that’s why. Wouldn’t that be so very practical in space?

No question -- I'd take along a librarian. The link back to Earth (too far for WiFi, but wireless for sure) would ensure access to the OPL collection as well as to inter-library loans, but it would be essential to have someone knowledgeable to guide my choices and provide efficient navigation of the system -- OPL as well as solar. Although I've been using libraries for decades, a trained librarian moves in the right orbits and would be necessary in this satellite office. While I might have a general idea what I'm looking for, my searches might circle the topic aimlessly; the librarian could amass the search terms and encapsulate them into a targeted trajectory that would minimise search time and reduce the need for re-entry into the search engine. A coffee maker and a supply of coffee would be good, too -- with a tight lid on the mug so the coffee doesn't float around the vehicle! (Is this what David Bowie meant by "grounds control"?)

1) A 3D printer - important for tools and miscellaneous objects making.
2) "3D printing for Dummies" - Because of #1.
3) "Hitchhikers' guide to the galaxy" and a towel - I watched the movie but I always wanted to read the book. Best time ever in space, no?
4) Access to the Naxos Music library - perhaps would be amazing to listen to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" while in space.
5) Headphones. And my LIBRARY CARD.

I would bring my tablet that has all the library apps on it so that I can borrow ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, music and videos.

My first choice would be to bring a librarian so another human could experience the vast majesty of space with me. What a gift that would be! But a person is not an item - so I'd bring an instrument from the library's new collection because I bet alien life forms would like to hear some music out there in the lonely nebula. A 3D printer would be helpful too but then I'd need a book on how to use it and probably a book on how to repair spaceships. Why bring one book when you can bring all the books? I'd bring an Apple iPad because then I could stay in touch with Earth, have access to OPL's vast collection of online material, and take photos! I'd bring a coloring book too, for when I want to relax - from pianos to games to printers, OPL has everything!

I would bring my tablet with Overdrive on it. That way, not only could I access reading material in what little down time was allotted to me, but if we lost contact with Nasa, I could research how to fix whatever problem had arisen.

I would bring my tablet with Overdrive on it. That way, not only could I access reading material in what little down time was allotted to me, but if we lost contact with Nasa, I could research how to fix whatever problem had arisen.

I would totally bring Lynda.com to space, so I could learn more photography and software in my spare time. I'd also bring a laptop and an iPad, Naxos Music Library, the New York Times, curio.ca and a ukelele. I can't imagine anything finer than having a month or two to myself and nothing to do but read and write and listen and learn.

Well, assuming I have a comfortable couch, my piano, my husband, and my cat with me, and some form of unlimited food and water, then one would think I would almost be ok….However, I need to bring a few favourite books (…Red Tent to make me cry, Confessions of a Shopaholic to make me laugh, and some of Alexander McCall Smith’s books to relax me, and which are simply such a pleasurable read….). Some sheet music will be needed. Otherwise, it would be silly for me to bring the piano….

I will obviously also need to borrow a computer from the library (sorry...I will give it back upon my return), and to bring my library card to connect with the OPL and see what events it is holding (to make me realize how much I am missing), as well as be able to watch and read books etc. on line…

A long epic would be good. Maybe I will reread Gone with the Wind, because it has nothing to do with space travel at all. I need something to get my mind off the horrible feeling in my stomach as we accelerate into space.

I received an error message to say that the email was not received. Then when I tried to submit my first reply and use the preview button, I got a message to say that the page was not working. I think I will also need to take along a tech expert to help resolve error messages.

I'm afraid I would have to say that I would NOT be bringing any books in space (though probably an electronic reading device so I can download multiple reference and leisure books), I hope I would be way too busy taking in such an incredible experience and attempting, in vain, to convey this experience to my fellow Earthlings in a way that pales in comparison to the amazing contribution Chris Hadfield himself made during his last voyage in Space. His transmissions and his message affected an entire generation and captivated the imagination of millions of people around this beautiful planet we call home. I suppose I might just bring one book after all, in retrospect, it might be a good time to read his book and connect with his ideas, while trying to move them one more step forward.

Presuming that water and food (including dark chocolate) supply will be taken care of, I would definitely take the Ottawa Library streaming service so I could download / stream ebooks, magazines, music, news, reference material on what I would be seeing, etc etc along with my tablet. (a huge presumption I can recharge it on board) . A headset to listen to to audio books, news, music etc on my tablet. I'd take my blue & gold macaw for company, and a quality camera so that I could share the experience with everyone back home, especially kids in school to help inspire them, and feed the endless possibilities in life.

I would bring members from the Human Library to share the experience with (hope late fees don't apply!). An atlas to facilitate games of "I spy". Some books of short stories and poems to read. Music for every mood.

What a GREAT entry. Good luck.

With access to wifi, it would definitely be a tablet and my library card. I could access several e-books, music, and even stream a few movies from hoopla.
I assumed I'd be in space quite a long time, so having a variety of materials to access would be fantastic.

The Darkest Dark storybook by Chris Hadfield, of course! My kids LOVED it!!!

#1 would definitely be the OPL streaming service, so that means I need to be sure to have a tablet so I can download the item.
#2 I would go on line to look for books that had not been read in a while, so that I would not have to worry about returning them if they could not be renewed ( ;-) ) . Would not want to have to pay late fees.
#3 if the trip to space was a short one, I would borrow one of the new instruments that are available and would work on learning how to play it ... so would also look at books on how to play that instrument

would not need to have my library card as I already know it by heart!

The list of what my library could contribute to a trip to "the next frontier" is as varied as number of books on the shelves. I would likely pick Mango languages and Lynda.com. Mango so that I could say " Hello World! From up here I can finally see the tangible threads that make our planet sustainable, beautiful and peaceful" in as many languages as I could so that noone would be left out. With lynda.com, I could learn many valuable lessons to help with daily life, future challenges and being able to relate to so many new people. It's an easy conversation starter!!

I would bring my iPhone to take pictures to share and my tablet loaded with all my favourite books.

A glockenspiel, from the OPLs music lending library, for my own viral cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity

A glockenspiel, from the OPLs music lending library, for my own viral cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity