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JEU CONCOURS: Fall On Your Knees **Ce concours est clos**

Book cover of: Fall on your knees

Mardi 7 mars 2023

CONCOURS: Fall On Your Knees

Grâce à notre partenaire, le Centre national des Arts (CNA), la BPO est enchantée d'offrir des billets gratuits pour une pièce de théâtre en anglais présentée en primeur mondiale, Fall On Your Knees, une production du Centre national des Arts du Canada, le collectif Vita Brevis Arts, la compagnie Canadian Stage, le Neptune Theatre et le Grand Theatre.

James Piper est un ambitieux jeune homme d’origine écossaise. Materia, fille d’immigrants libanais, rêve de visiter New York. Ils tombent amoureux et se marient, espérant être heureux jusqu’à la fin des temps. Mais plus la famille s’agrandit, plus les secrets se dévoilent et mettent leurs liens à l’épreuve, menaçant même de les rompre. Traumavertissement : violence parentale, inceste, abus sexuel infantile,

Comme Fall On Your Knees est un spectacle en deux parties, chaque gagnant recevra deux billets pour la première partie: Family Tree ainsi que pour la deuxième partie: The Diary; de cette manière, les gagnants pourront profiter de l'expérience complète et du club de lecture au milieu avec un ami ! Les gagnants recevront également un livre dédicacé lors du club de lecture.

Pour plus d’informations sur la première partie de la pièce de théâtre, cliquez ici.

Pour plus d’informations sur la deuxième partie de la pièce de théâtre, cliquez ici.

Détails du concours :  

  • Commentez sous la publication: Quelle partie du livre vous a le plus marqué ?
  • Tirage au sort de deux (2) heureux gagnants  

Le concours fermera le jeudi 9 mars, à 15h (HE). 

Bonne chance!


Fall on your knees

hard to pick one memorable moment, but loved the multiculturalism aspect and the birth of the children especially Lily.

Fall on your knees

I read this book when it was first published — a tightly woven story with well developed characters telling a story of the complexities and messiness of real life.

Fall on Your Knees

The setting felt cozy, expansive, and Canadian.

Fall on Your Knees

Being of Nova Scotian heritage and from a family of four sisters myself, I would love to see this highly acclaimed stage version of the epic novel. I believe that would be a spark for me to try to read the novel - despite what people tell me is a "tough" read. Reading is a challenge for me, however, theatre and music as art forms are more accessible, so this stage adaptation would be a perfect way for me to engage with this story.

Fall On Your Knees

The challenges faced by the characters has given me context in which to practice gratitude on my own path.

Fall On Your Knees

This is one of my all time favourite novels, which I first read over 20 years ago. My aunt gifted me her hard copy, and it's one of my most treasured possessions. I am from the East Coast, and I loved this multigenerational family story set against that backdrop. I particularly loved the storyline of Kathleen and Rose. I would be so so excited to see this story on the stage.

Fall On Your Knees

What I remember most clearly is the tempestuousness of the book and the intensity of the characters.

Fall On Your Knees

Although I read this book long ago, I have the most vivid memory of Kathleen's forays into the jazz clubs in New York City with Rose, and the sense of freedom and danger in those scenes.

Fall On Your Knees

This is a book with many grim aspects, related to family secrets and world events, including war - but ultimately with redemption as its outcome.


It's been years since. I read this but I clearly recall a sense of wonder at the book... The author writes so beautifully, so clearly defines her characters and tells their stories. I felt like I knew them. It would be a treat to see the play!

Fall on Your Knees

I remember reading this book many years ago when it was first published. I was struck by the depth of the material and how the story took you to unexpected places. I was struck by the courage of Ann-Marie MacDonald to tackle so many 'taboo' and difficult subjects and by her ability, despite this, to make the characters relatable and sympathetic.

Fall on Your Knees

The importance of music in the novel is most memorable to me. As a musician myself, the way the piano connected the characters across the generations and served as a form of authentic communication when words would not suffice resonated deeply with me. I would love to see how this aspect is incorporated into the stage play!

An expansive novel

I first heard of Ann-Marie MacDonald as an actor and playwright. I saw several of her plays -- some with her in the cast -- at GCTC and really enjoyed them. "Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet" in particular is a classic. So I read this book (from the OPL) shortly after it came out, and was not disappointed. I found the first half quite grim but the second half -- set in Harlem and the early jazz scene -- was brilliant. I enjoyed it both as a jazz fan but also for how she so well evokes the feeling of that time. I think it will be fascinating to see how this adaptation back to a play captures the book (and how much was the author involved?). I certainly am not surprised it needed to be presented in two halves; there is no way you could condense that dense a book into two hours, and even four will be difficult.