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Les selections d'automne du Wild West : Ce que nous avons lu, écoutons et regardons

Mardi 18 août 2020

L'été dernier a été très différent de ceux que nous avons vus auparavant. Avec la pandémie, les changements dans la scolarité et le travail, l'isolement et social, nous avons tous appris à naviguer dans cette nouvelle normal.  L'une de nos méthodes de relaxation préférées (encore plus que d'habitude !) est de se perdre dans un bon livre. La capacité de voyager à l'intérieur de soi, d'apprendre de nouvelles choses et de s'échapper dans un autre monde a été particulièrement incroyable (et tout cela depuis la sécurité de nos maisons !)

Nous aimerions partager avec notre communauté une partie de ce que nous avons vraiment apprécié au cours de ces derniers mois.  Il y a eu tant des livres formidables qui nous tiennent éveillés toute la nuit, essayant désespérément de comprendre le rebondissement, et des histoires de famille qui nous font rire (et pleurer) en même temps. 

Avez-vous lu l'une d'entre elles ? Y a-t-il quelque chose que vous avez lu et que vous aimeriez partager ? Faites-le nous savoir !

Wild West Fall Picks: What We’re Reading, Listening to & Watching
par charmaine_library

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  • Catherine House

    Catherine House

    A Novel

    By Thomas, Elisabeth
    Liberal arts study, complete with 3 years of isolation from the outside world, famous graduates, secrets and... plasm? What does that mean for Ines? What secrets lie in the (rejuvenation?) tower.
  • The Truth Hurts

    The Truth Hurts

    A Novel

    By Reid, Rebecca
    Poppy has her secrets (don't we all?!) and when her new handsome beau Drew (who also rescued her from a precarious situation) suggests only one rule for their rel'ship (don't talk about the past) she happily agrees. But what secrets is he hiding? A roller coaster of a story, that will have the reader guessing what secrets both Poppy and Drew are keeping from each other, and the costs of lying by omission.....
  • Broken People

    Broken People

    A Novel

    By Lansky, Sam
    When Sam hears about a shaman who can "fix everything wrong with you in three days" he is intrigued. Can all that ails him really be fixed in that time, and do what therapy couldn't? An authentic portrayal of addiction, and relationships, that is captivating, and will keep the reader engrossed to see if Sam gets his happy ending...or not.
  • The Last Flight

    The Last Flight

    A Novel

    By Clark, Julie
    Claire has been planning to leave her husband for a while, but he has deep pockets, and reach, and she is terrified. When an opportunity arises an the airport to switch places with a mysterious stranger Eva, it is one she can't refuse. But when Eva's plane goes down, matters become more complicated... Just what secrets is Eva hiding? And can Claire stay hidden in Eva's life and keep up this charade? A fast paced thriller that will keep you reading all night..... and it is worth all the missed sleep!
  • Big Little Lies

    Big Little Lies

    By Moriarty, Liane
    Small kids, small problems? A bully incident happened in a kindergarten orientation in a beautiful Australian coastal town, it unfolds a complex story of couple's relationship, parenting, domestic violence and female friendship, and I found it particular relevant in this pandemic time. A fun book to listen though, many quips on parenting and schooling, it took me a little while to figure out why the pleasantry among parents on new school start day is something like "how's your new year?". Great narrator, love her voicing the story! I highly recommended to watch its HBO series first, for a better chance to appreciate both the book and the show, not the opposite.
  • Big Little Lies
    A overall great show, if you've read the book you may agree with me the cast director would win an award on its own right. I'm waiting for the second season, want to see more, a long wait list though.
  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning

    By Grisham, John
    John Grisham wrote this daunting story based on a story he heard long ago from his days as elected intuition official, in Deep South. It gives me a glimpse how White and Black got along merely 60 years ago. Great narrator, that smooth Southern accent!
  • Good Habits, Bad Habits

    Good Habits, Bad Habits

    The Science of Making Positive Changes That Stick

    By Wood, Wendy
    Just like the author wished, I took away her tip for establishing a good habit: friction free, which means not to depend on your will power but to create an environment with less distraction to your goal, do it, repeat it until it becomes part of you.
  • Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    By Rovelli, Carlo
    A great introduction to various topics in physics without background in this field, the author explains scientific subjects in a passionate and poetic manner, sharing his insight on humanity, time and space
  • The Shape of Family

    The Shape of Family

    A Novel

    By Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
    I like reading her books, she is a good storyteller. She tells story of families, their connection to the society that they live in. In this one, she starts with a picture-perfect family; how one tragedy could shatter that picture, and how they can survive and move on as an individual. Also, not loose the feeling of family…you may not be together, but you could always love and respect each other.

Wild West Fall Picks Children's Edition: What We’re Reading, Listening to & Watching
par charmaine_library

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