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Envie d’en savoir plus sur la cuisine avec l’Instant Pot, le multicuiseur inventé à Ottawa dont tout le monde parle ces temps-ci? Joignez-vous à nous pour une séance Instant Pot 101, offerte dans le cadre de notre programme sur la littératie alimentaire.


L’Instant Pot est un autocuiseur électrique qui est devenu immensément populaire auprès des cuisiniers amateurs comme des chefs. Venez percer les secrets de cet appareil qui permet de gagner du temps! Assistez à l’une des sept démonstrations en personne données par des chefs spécialistes de l’Instant Pot, suivies par une période de questions.


Instant Pot 101


NOUVEAU- le samedi 14 avril 12 h 30- Inscription requise
succursale Centennial, 387- chemin Old Richamond
Avec Chef Gilles Penot
En anglais seulement
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Le samedi 14 avril, 14 h - Inscription requise

Succursale Centennial, 3870, chemin Old Richmond

Avec Lu Yang, blogueuse culinaire, MaomaoMom Kitchen

En anglais seulement

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Le samedi 28 avril, 14 h 30 - Inscription requise

Succursale St-Laurent, 515, rue Côté

Avec le chef Gilles Penot

En français seulement

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Do we need to register for the events? Where is the demo going to be in the Main Branch?

Hi there! Some of the live demos require registration. Click on the date you are interested in, and it will lead to the event's page, with details on registration.
The live demo at Main branch will happen close the the magazine area. No registration is required for that demo!

Why no session in Orleans?

Hi RobinWild,
Thank you for your question.
Due to room and presenter availability, we were not able hold a session in Orleans. The St-Laurent branch Instant Pot 101 demo may be of interest.
For more information on food related events taking place at the library please do check out our Food Literacy programs.:

Welcoming this initiative. Part of the true mission of the library which isn’t to warehouse books but to help people build knowledge.
Given the fact that Robert Wang lives in Kanata and the Instant Pot was invented here, it might be useful to put a local spin on this. Would be nice to have one such workshop facilitated by Wang himself, or a Q&A with him as a guest.
At the same time, it’s nice to have relatively diverse sessions, with people from different culinary traditions and approaches give OPL patrons an opportunity to gain insight into the electric pressure cooker.
Of course, some people might think that it’s unusual to focus on a single product, albeit by a local business. After all, there are some competitors to the Instant Pot. Might make sense to have chefs and experts using alternatives to the Instant Pot also demo their methods.

Thank you for the feedback, Enkerli. We did mention that the Instant Pot was invented in Ottawa in our communication about the live demos.
Great suggestion RE having Mr. Wang himself facilitate an Instant Pot demo in the future. We will keep it in mind!

Excellente initiative que j'ai remarqué le 28 avril seulement.
À répéter absolument...

Will there be any more instant pot 101 workshops this summer? I have 4 friends who are very interested in attending this type of event and I heard good things about this demo held at the library! Please let me know

Hello lletou,

Apologies for the delay in answering your question. We do not have any plans for more Instant Pot workshops at this time; however, stay tuned for new food literacy programs and events this fall!