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Le panel de livres All in a Day de la CBC

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Le lundi 7 décembre, le panel de livres All in a Day de la CBC, avec Ann Archer de la BPO et Sean Wilson du Festival des écrivains d'Ottawa, ont eu une discussion enflammée sur leurs meilleurs choix de cadeaux de Noël. La liste de 20 livres comprend des livres pour tous, pour des enfants et des adolescents aux jardiniers, cuisiniers, aventuriers locaux et tous ceux qui cherchent simplement une bonne lecture ! Vous pouvez consulter leurs listes ci-dessous et si vous avez manqué l'émission, vous pouvez l'écouter sur le lien suivant


CBC All in a Day Book Panel - December 2020par Collection_Development

Book recommendations from OPL's Ann Archer and Sean Wilson of the Ottawa International Writers Festival, presented monthly on CBC's All in a Day with Alan Neal. December gift guide edition!


Square Haunting by Francesca Wade

Sean Archer seems to be a bit of a gloomy Gus. The way he spoke about the news being so depressing you would never guess this podcast was recorded the day before the UK started its vaccination program for COVID-19, bringing the world that much closer to the end of this pandemic. One of Ann Archer's recommendations was "Square Haunting" by Francesca Wade. Eleanor Wachtel had a fascinating interview with Ms. Wade on Writers & Company in April. Two of the five women writers the book deals with, Virginia Woolf and Dorothy L. Sayers, I was aware of. The others I had never heard of. I wondered if the American poet H.D. could really be such a literary force as the interview made out, but I consulted my copy of the Oxford Book of American Verse and it had a lot of her poems in it. The English economic historian Eileen Power died at the relatively young age of 51, so didn't leave a big body of work behind her. The OPL doesn't have any of her books, but readers who are interested in that sort of thing can find her "Medieval English Nunneries c.1275 to 1535" free online as a Project Guttenberg eBook. Jane Harrison was an English classical scholar and linguist, and none of her books are available from the OPL although some of them can be purchased online.