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Fin de l’accès à distance à Ancestry Library le 31 décembre 2021

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Vendredi 26 novembre 2021


C’est avec regret que nous annonçons que l’accès à distance à Ancestry Library prendra fin le 31 décembre 2021. Le fournisseur de ce service, ProQuest, nous a envoyé le message suivant : « Ancestry se soucie grandement des bibliothèques et de leurs clients, mais des ententes avec des maisons d’édition et d’autres questions d’affaires l’empêchent d’offrir indéfiniment l’accès à distance. C’est pourquoi nous devons vous demander de retirer tous les points d’accès de votre site d’ici le 31 décembre 2021. »

L’accès sur place reste le même. Les clients peuvent utiliser Ancestry Library Edition sur les ordinateurs de leur bibliothèque ou sur leur propre ordinateur portable, tablette ou téléphone cellulaire. 

La Bibliothèque publique d’Ottawa, ainsi que d’autres bibliothèques publiques du Canada, continuera de plaider en faveur d’une option à distance. Si vous avez des commentaires à exprimer à ProQuest à propos de l’accès à distance, connectez-vous pour les publier sous ce billet de blogue.


Searching my family tree

I'm immunocompromised and having online access is important during this time of the pandemic. very disappointed this access was removed.

Ah I'm super disappointed

Ah I'm super disappointed that we don't have remote access to this service anymore. I'm not able to make it into the Library for onsite access.

Ancestry Remote Access

The Omnicron COVID makes working at a local library location difficult to consider given the current OPL rules for using libraries. Consequently remote access is the most common sense approach to using this resource which, one assumes, is currently greatly under utilized by patrons. However, the situation is not of OPL’s authority to change. While encouraging the OPL and other libraries to pursue reinstating remote access while COVID continues, access to this excellent family resource remains unlikely anytime soon.

Ancestry access remotely

You only get the limited library edition of Ancestry, so what is the big deal about having remote access. The new omnicon variant is 30% more contageous, plus seniors, disabled and current transit and parking disruptions make it impossible, and the cold, icy weather most days. Other libraries over north america allow remote access with a library card.

Remote access to Ancestry Library is no longer available

Dear Customers, We wish we could continue to offer remote access to Ancestry as you and many other Ottawa Public Library customers enjoyed the home access for almost 2 years. The vendor of Ancestry is not willing to make the license available from home anymore, despite pressure from libraries and the current omicron pandemic. It frustrates us, too. This would be the same for all public libraries across North America. We will continue to lobby them to change their policy. Meantime, I hope you accept our sincere apologies for this loss of a valuable service. Many thanks, Content Services

Clarification of onsite use with personal computer

The above notice says "Onsite access remains unchanged. Patrons can access Ancestry Library Edition through desktop computers provided by your library or their own personal laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. " I am currently onsite, accessing the OPL wifi network using my personal computer, but I still cannot access Ancestry Public Library. Is this an error in implementation of the new rules and I should have access, or do the new rules need to be updated to indicate that personal laptop, tablet, or mobile phone cannot be used, even when onsite? Or does my personal laptop need to be connected via ethernet rather than wifi? Thank you for continuing to provide this service onsite through library computers.