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Poetry Workshop with Henry Beissel

Acclaimed poet and playwright, Henry Beissel, will be presenting a workshop composed of 4 interactive sessions.

He will read from his works, invite discussion and assist you in creating or improving your own poems or short stories.

No experience necessary. Beginners welcome!


About the Author

Henry Beissel started his career with the controversial political and literary journal EDGE which he founded in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1963. Since then he has written and published around 40 books, including 22 collections of poetry, 6 books of plays, 10 books of translations of poetry and plays, and a book on Canada. His work has received high critical acclaim in Canada and abroad, and some has been translated into French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, and Hebrew.

Critics and fellow poets have acclaimed his poetry. Patrick White wrote: "Henry Beissel is undoubtedly a Canadian poet of the first rank. " The late F. R. Scott said about his CANTOS NORTH:  "This epic is the first to see it [Canada and the North] in its entirety, as a matrix which binds the whole together in a national mythology." And Keith Garebian declared  “SEASON OF BLOOD is one of the most powerful, moving, lyrical triumphs in modern poetry."

Beissel's play INOOK AND THE SUN was premiered in Stratford (1973) and has been performed internationally. Thomas Willis, the theatre critic for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, wrote: “What I would give a lot to see here next week, next year, any time, is (…. not Shakespeare, Goldsmith or Gogol...) [but] INOOK AND THE SUN ... as beautiful and magnificent as Homer."

Beissel has taught medieval and modern English literature at Concordia University (Montreal) where he also founded a Creative Writing program that still flourishes today. He lives with his wife Arlette Francière, the literary translator and accomplished painter, in Ottawa, Ontario.





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