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Zentangled at the Manotick Branch


Last Tuesday (October 9th), participants at the Manotick Branch had a wonderful time creating works of 'puzzle art' using a method of stylish doodling called Zentangle.  This is part of our community art series in which the public creates decorative pieces of puzzles in card stock to create a collective art mural.  The program takes place at the various branches in the southwest cluster of Ottawa Public Library.

Participants at Manotick's Zentangle program

As you can see from the images, our small grouyp was quite creative!

An example of zentangle puzzle art at the Manotick Branch

This is a program for adults only (why should children have all the fun?), and you are in that category and wish to get involved (nad have fun), you can sign up for the subsequest programs using your library card.  It as easy as ordering a book!  Just search for "zentangle" in the programs and events menu.

Other sessions are not only at the Manotick Branch, but also at North Gower, Richmond, Munster and Ruth E Dickinson (Brarrhaven).

It costs nothing more than your time!