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Scratch comes to Emerald Plaza

animated ballerina and coloured drums

Computer coding is alive at Emerald Plaza this fall.  In September, the After School Code Club began and we have taught over a dozen kids how to code using Scratch - a block-based programming language developed out of MIT.  Participants have used Scratch to tell animated stories and make games using instructions from Code Club International, a volunteer organization that aims to encourage students to develop coding skills through free education.

As a follow-up to the Code Club we would like to extend an invitation to learn a little bit of computer science, this time without using a computer.  Join us during Canada Learns Code week to learn how to count and draw like a computer.  This event on December 8th from 2:30-3:30 will teach the basics of binary and pixels.

Coding Resources for Kidspar EP_Childrens

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