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Alice in Wonderland?

Par JaneMV



With all the promotion around the release of Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland, parents  may be wondering how to introduce this story to their family.

The library has all sorts of ways to share  "Alice" with your family.

We have Alice on DVDand an audio version on CD.

And of course the books...

Try sharing the  in some of the many illustrated versions available:

Continue the  Alice adventure by  exploring the nonsense poetry of Lewis Carroll. You can start with the Walrus and the Carpenter or The Hunting of the Snark. Two particularly sophisticated versions of "Jabberwocky" are available for sharing with older children and teens. Christopher Myers has set his version on the baseketball court. Stéphane Jorisch's Governor General Award winning version is a very modern take on the classic poem.

You can continue your "Alice" quest with a biography of Lewis Carroll,find your favourite  "Alicism"  in Quotable Alice  and round it out with Lewis Carroll's photographs in Dreaming in Pictures.

Enjoy your Alice adventure .. whether you see the movie or not.