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Canada Day


Looking for ways to celebrate the big day?  The NCC's Canada Day site has a complete schedule of events in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.  Be sure to check out their map of July 1 street closures when making your plans.

For some in-depth information about our national celebration, see Canada Day 2010 and Symbols of Canada from the Dept. of Canadian Heritage.  The monarchists among us can follow Queen Elizabeth's itinerary on the 2010 Royal Tour, get background information on The Monarchy in Canada, and brush up on the correct etiquette for Meeting the Queen and Members of the Royal Family.  After all, you never know who you'll bump into on the Hill!

Just to get yourself in the mood (and primed for that Canada Day quiz in the newspaper), test your Canada I.Q. with this Canada Quiz, or try the highly entertaining Canucklehead quizzes from the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Happy Canada Day to all!