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Applying for a Public Sector Government Job - Career Reboot Group

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Are you looking for a job with the government? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd with your application and interview!  There are three levels of government in Ottawa: federal, provincial and municipal. Navigating these bureaucracies as a job seeker can be incredibly daunting. This workshop will demystify the process of applying to public sector jobs and give you the inside track when it comes to reading job posters, understanding competencies, writing resumes and cover letters that will get you screened in, writing tests and preparing for board interviews. Thousands of people apply every month to work for the government. Join Moyra McWilliam of Starfish Coaching to learn what you need to know to set you apart!  

Registration recommended. Drop-ins also welcome.  

The Career Reboot Group is in its fourth season at Ottawa Public Library!  It is expanding this fall to Beaverbrook Branch!  Check out Career Reboot workshops at Beaverbrook, Emerald Plaza and Orleans.  Workshops are targeted for those who are currently employed and are looking for a new career or career advancement. It also welcomes professionals seeking a job. Coming together in mutual support, to share and compare information, ideas, notes and strategies. Each session will begin with specific topic pertinent to job hunting (resumes, social media, networking and more) leading into an open discussion. Contributions by group members are encouraged. The facilitator will develop and maintain an ongoing list of helpful resources, groups, websites as they are discussed.



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