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Clicking, Flicking, and Tweeting at Richmond Branch


You are an interesting, unique person who grows every year. Over time, your ideas and opinions change. You make and break friendships. Start new relationships. You make mistakes, and set them right again.

Unfortunately, the internet remembers everything from your past – every tweet sent in anger, every cringeworthy photo after a girl’s night out – even years later. These remnants of your past are not only embarrassing, but they can actually harm you. Employers often research job applicants on social media. And so do identity thieves. How can you keep yourself safe while still enjoying social media?

Chris Taylor of the Ottawa PC Users’ Group  is coming to Richmond Library to teach us how to be safe on social media. Join us for Clicking, Flicking, and Tweeting: Social Networking Controversy on January 30 from 6:30-8:30 pm. Click here to register online; it’s free!

If you just can’t wait for January 30, here are some books to whet your appetite:

Social Media Literacy by Richmondbranch_library