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Turning your Digital Photos into Masterpieces


Nowadays it's easy enough for anyone to capture a moment with a photo. You can even do it without a real camera - just start up the app on your phone or tablet or laptop and shoot away. But that photo you took in an instant might be improved with a few minutes of editing. If you're not sure where to start, join us at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch on Thursday March 28th for Basic Digital Photo Editing, a hands-on workshop hosted by members of the Ottawa PC Users' Group. You'll learn how to use colour, light, and composition to enhance your digital photography. This workshop doesn't require fancy equipment or software (though the hosts do request you bring your own laptop) so don't hesitate to register now and reserve your spot. But if you're looking to do even more with your digital photography, check out the resources below for more guides and inspiration.

Digital Photography by Amy_library_biblio

Resources to help you work with your digital photos