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Beaverbrook Branch 2019 Reading Challenge


Beaverbook  launched its first ever Reading Challenge! Drop by the branch and pick up your challenge sheet or jot down the categories here.  A book  list follows with a recommendation from each of the categories.

1.  A book published in 2019.

2.  A book that involves a bookstore or library.

3.  A book about nature.

4.  A childhood classic that you've never read.

5.  A novel based on a real person.

6.  A book with a female protagonist over the age of 60.

7.  A book that you meant to read in 2018.

8.  A book set in a country that fascinates you.

9.  A book with characters who are twins.

10.  A book by an author of a different ethnicit than you.

11.  A book with the time of day in the title.

12.  A Nordic noir.

13.  A book tied to your ancestry.

14.  An audiobook.

15.  A book with a title that is a character's name.

16.  a book that you bought at a used book sale/store.

17.  A book by a Canadian author.

18.  A book that takes place during a war.

19.  A book mentioned in another book.

20.  A book from a genre that you don't normally read.


Beaverbrook Branch 2019 Reading Challenge by SheriR_library

Stuck in a reading rut? Do you love reading? Take part in our (no pressure, fun, interactive) reading challenge. Drop into the branch for suggestions for the more challenging categories. Feel free to contribute with your reads too!