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Teen Book of the Week!


This Is Not A Test This Is Not A Test

Canadian author Courtney Summers is known for her contemporary realistic YA work such as Summer Girls Are, Fall for Everything, and Cracked Up to Be.  When I saw This is Not A Test, I was instantly drawn to the haunting cover with red blood splatter. Then, reading the blurb, I discovered this is a zombie novel. It turned out to be both paranormal and realistic. I loved that the zombies are a big part of the setting and conflict of the novel, but they aren’t really the heart of the story. In This is not a Test we have Sloane fighting for her life against the undead, but we also see her emotional baggage from her abusive father and her dealing with her runaway sister.Sloane had already given up on life the very morning that the Zombie outbreak happened, so it was interesting seeing someone who doesn't want to live surviving. This is a novel you don't want to miss, but don't expect a lot of action. There will be a lot of waiting around once you make it to safety. There will be a lot of contemplation and issues between survivors. Pick this up and read it now! 

A new book trailer was released for This is Not a Test, but it’s mainly a lot of blurbs about the book. Check out: