Important themes related to the Franco-Ontarian world are presented in the form of an alphabet book, by a real Franco-Ontarian from Orléans: Andrée Poulin.
A la découverte de l'ontario français“What does the word Ontario mean? What treasures can be found in the Alfred Bog? Why are Francophones called frogs? What Franco-Ontarian children have grown up to become world-famous? What’s the connection between hatpins and French-language schools?
À la découverte de l’Ontario français answers all these questions and many more. Through poems, tales, riddles, songs, descriptions, interviews and articles, this alphabet book tells all about the heroes, culture, history and geography of French Ontario. Old photos, illustrations, and funny comic strips round out the collection.
Playful in approach and yet thorough in content, this non-fiction book is designed to teach, amuse and spark curiosity. With all of today’s focus on identity-building, this is the perfect book to reinforce the sense of pride held by young Franco-Ontarians and strengthen their desire to preserve their language and culture. Written especially for children aged 8 to 12, À la découverte de l’Ontario français will nevertheless be enjoyed by people aged 7 to 77.” (Interligne)

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