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Is your home wireless network secure?

is your home wireless network secure?

You probably know to lock your front door in order to keep your home safe. You might file or shred confidential documents to keep your information safe. But do you know how to keep your home wireless network safe? From leeching onto your internet plan to tracking your actions online, an insecure network puts you at risk to many cyber attacks. Luckily, it’s easy enough for anyone to ensure their home wireless network is protected, and we here at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch are offering you the chance to learn how. Visit us on Thursday April 4th for “How to Secure a Home Wireless Network”, a program offered by the Ottawa PC Users’ Group. And if you’re looking for more information on threats to your computer’s safety and how to avoid them, check out the resources below.

Computer Network Security by Amy_library_biblio

Resources to keep you aware of potential threats to your computer, and how to keep yourself safe