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What Did You Read Today? Christina and Marjolaine take the National Reading Campaign challenge


We asked Christina and Marjolaine, regular customers at Vernon and North Gloucester:  What Did You Read Today?

Christina from Vernon:The Great Escape

“I just finished The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, which was OK. It was a romance – the bride ran away from her wedding. It was a fun read.”

Marjolaine from North Gloucester :

Taniata, tome 1(Les enfants de l'Indienne); tome 2 (L'Indienne de la rivière) par Yvette Roberge Cantin

« J’ai vraiment aimé ces deux romans. Il serait intéressant d’avoir une suite. »


“What did you read today?” is a public awareness campaign created by the National Reading Campaign to help make reading a national priority. 

For the rest of the year, the Ottawa Public Library will be asking that question to Ottawans and posting their answers in this staff blog.  We invite you to participate in the conversation by posting your answer in our blog’s comments.  

Since 2008, the National Reading Campaign has brought together people from every region of Canada who are concerned about Canada’s changing reading habits.