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My Favourite Teen Books of 2012


      It’s 2013, and with the New Year comes new books. That doesn’t mean all the great releases of 2012 should be forgotten though, as 2012 was a fantastic year for books.  2012 was another very popular year for dystopia with The Hunger Games finally making it to theatres.  Dystopia was hot and although perhaps there weren’t as many new dystopia series being started, sequels to popular books like Insurgent by Veronica Roth, Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, and A Million Suns by Beth Revis.


    For me, 2012 was a year where I didn’t focus so much on debuts as I did in 2011. Based on everything I read, here are my top books read in 2012 (in no particular order).


Poison Princess Poison Princess by Kresley Cole was one of the most entertaining books I read this year. It mishmashes some apocalyptic fiction with some paranormal reasoning and it ends up being very entertaining with original mythology.


Brave New World Brave New World

Although I read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley for school, and it is an awfully detailed with minimal plot read, this book had a huge influence on the way I view the world. Books that bring about new ideas and challenge beliefs are generally books I enjoy.


The Scorpio Races     The Raven Boys


Two different books by Maggie Stiefvater were among favourites: The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys. Both featured great writing and a ton of atmosphere combined with more original mythology.


Carnival of Souls Carnival of Souls

   One newer release that impressed was Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr, which had all the elements of a good Melissa Marr novel: multiple, complex characters; difficult decisions; and a fascinating world.


If I Die If I Die

 I think I’ve already made my adoration of Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series very clear, so I’ll only leave that If I Die was everything I’d ever hoped it would be. The heartbreak and sweetness was executed perfectly.


The Fault in Our Stars The Fault in Our Stars

 The last book I’ll include is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. This book was an emotional workout. It is a book about a girl with cancer so obviously, it’s not going to be light and cute. By the end I was a complete mess. Books that make you feel deeply always deserve to be high on best-of lists.


  In short, those are my favourite books of 2012. There’s a lot of books I haven’t read from 2012 that I’ll read in 2013, and I’m also very excited for all the new releases.


What are your favourite books of 2012?



Good afternoon,

I have come across a review about a book on fashion: entitled ROOTS OF STYLE by Isabel Toledo. She hshares her views on creativity, love and fashion and her husband, the famous artist Ruben Toledo provides the illustrations.
Thank you.

Bev Dankner

I was wondering if anyone knew of an author that writes in the style of John Sandford? I really love his books that I have read them all LOL. Thanks for any help